October 27, 2010 | Tom Federline

The Ravens are a hurtin’ outfit. Hurtin’ physically, hurtin’ mentally, hurtin’ at the coaching positions. Annnd they are 5 – 2. I had predicted 4-3. They could easily be 7-0 or 1-6. Went to the game this past Sunday and I saw one hurtin’ unit out there. I would say at least 75% of the players that came off that field were limping or holding some body part, at some point in the game. I have not looked at the injury report, but my untrained eye saw these hurt individuals: Jarret Johnson, Haloti Ngata, Kelley Gregg, Heeeeeap, of course Ed Reed, Ray Rice and Fabian Washington was fairly ……burnt. Ray-Ray was having his shoulder looked at. And Joe Flacco was looking in the stands for a sports psychologist to aid Camera Cameron and Jim Zorn. The boys are hurt physically. The mental part needs a rest, re-evaluate, re-energize and then re-convene.

I haven’t been writing about the Ravens because a) They haven’t grabbed my attention – positively. b) I still do not understand why 40+ points a game are not going up on the scoreboard. c) It’s just a matter of time until some offense out there realizes that  the Ravens can be lit up. d)No stand-out identity. Annnnd they are 5 – 2. They have seven (7) offensive weapons (not including Flacco), that would starters/go-to guys on any other NFL team and the boys are just squeaking by. Is it me or was Flacco better….. without Jim Zorn? I think the talent has overwhelmed the supposed Offensive Coordinator. And the talent has always been ahead of the supposed Head Coach. Maybe it will come together. Maybe the coaching will catch up to the talent. Maybe  the current team needs to watch video of the Super Bowl run year. 

The reunion of the 2000 Super Bowl team this past weekend was done well. Good job Ravens PR. Nice weather. Fairly nice turn out. Nice time for reflection. I’m not real happy with the way they are playing now, but the reunion made me think back during that 2000 season when they were 5 -4 and not scoring TD’s. Half way thru we weren’t exactly buying tickets to the Super Bowl in Tampa, now were we? Although, we were slightly encourageddue to the fact the Ravens did have one heckuva defense that year. Well, this year they have one heckuva an offense……we just haven’t seen it! Are we ever going to see it? After seeing the Super Bowl boys back on Sunday and on the field, I thought how nice it would be to have the following:

Trent Dilfer – QB coach and Offensive Coordinator, Ogden – Offensive Line coach, Jamaal Lewis – Running Backs, Ray-Ray – plays and is Defensive Coordinator, Goose – Defensive Line, Ed Reeeed – plays (when able) and has Defensive Backfield. Head Coach – Buck Showalter (whoops, I’m still drinking the orange Kool-aid),  Head Coach – Michael McCrary! Ten years ago? You kiddin’ me? Wasn’t I just singing and barking – “Who Let the Dogs Out?” – (Baha Men).

Ok, back to reality. Did anyone hear the defense getting booed on Sunday? Guess what, I was one of them. Booing the Ravens defense………who would of thought that? Ugly, ugly game on Sunday. Annnnnd they are 5 -2. How about Ed Reed’s first hit? Knocked the ball right out. How about Ed Reeds two interceptions? How about Ed Reed getting hurt again? Terrell Suggs – one of the most over-paid and over-rated players in the league. Ozzie blew it – letting Bart Scott go and keeping Suggs. “Joe Cool” Flacco has shown signs bordering on becoming  “Kyle Booller – Flacknut”. If Flacco’s first read is covered and then he can’t find his Ray Rice outlet, it’s over.

I called 6-3 after the break. A break much needed. Do they have a run in them? Let Flacco play. Go away Jim Zorn. Let Flacco and the potential Magnificent 7 run the show and rock the house. Then Joe can sit in the 4th quarter, save him and bring in Bulger. Hope the defense stays healthy, hope Reed gets back to say 90% and then let’s go buy tickets to Dallas/Arlington, TX area. If it were only that easy. By the way did I mention they are 5 – 2? Strap yourself in.