CB Williams in New Orleans for football, not fun

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on being in the city of New Orleans) “I’m not here for a city tour. I’m here to win a football game.”


(on the journey from Washburn University to the Super Bowl) “It’s a great opportunity coming from a small Division 2 school. It’s unbelievable. It’s just a testament to hard work, dedication and love for the game.”


(on why he transferred from Fordham University to Washburn University) “It was me saying some crazy things to coaches after I felt like I should have been playing. They weren’t playing me. It was a learning experience. It was a humbling experience at Fordham when I had to control that beast and understand that there is a political aspect to the game as well. There are some things I had to control as a person as well. I had a great experience at Fordham. They were some of the best years of my life with some of the greatest guys. New York was fun, but I ended up transferring and graduating from Washburn and now I’m here.”


(on why he chose Washburn University to continue his college football career) “Man, no one else was interested in me. I actually had a scholarship on the table at Hofstra University and they just said they couldn’t do it because they heard some things about me at Fordham. That’s what it was. I ended up at Washburn and it was one of the great times of my life there. It taught me to continue to work hard, to continue to put my head down and to continue to believe in my faith so that everything would work out for the greater good.


(on his demeanor both on and off the field) “When it comes to football I get intense man. You see that on Sunday each and every week. I love football. I love the game and it brings some type of animal out in you.


(on how his confidence has grown throughout the season) “Last year at the end of the season, I had hip surgery. I had to work back into the game. I didn’t have much of an offseason. I think I may have had a month off of rehab where I was actually able to go run full speed. For me, all those things just really worked out for the greater good. I still believe in my abilities and I still believe in me. My coaches and teammates believe in me and that’s all the motivation I need.”


(on playing against A.J. Green and top receivers in the league) “Ask A.J. Green what I did to him. It doesn’t matter. He knows me, I know him. As far I’m concerned, the truth doesn’t lie. It’s in the pudding. I don’t care who I face or who I’m with. I have confidence in me. I don’t even know who the toughest wide receiver is that I went up against. I faced a lot of great receivers and I got respect for everybody. It’s just a matter of me going out there and doing what I need to do for my team.


(on his timely interception at New England in the AFC Championship) “It was just another opportunity. We knew if they scored right there and converted a two-point conversion then there could possibly be an onside kick. Once I saw the ball in the air, I knew I had an opportunity to catch that and make a play for my teammates. The most emotional part was me and Ray Lewis talking in the end zone. He was talking about how happy he was for me. He said, ‘We’re going to the ship now,’ so I said, ‘I’m ready. Let’s go.’”


(on the opportunity to get an interception in the Super Bowl) “Pandemonium, man. It’s a blessed opportunity. It would be absolutely amazing.”


(on how he relies on faith when it comes to football) “The lord has been good to me. He’s blessed me with so many friends and so many people in my corner even when I’ve done the wrong things. With his help, I’ve gotten to this point. It’s just amazing. It’s a tear-jerking experience to come where I came from. I always believed in my faith whether it was Liberty City, Fordham or Washburn. I cherish these moments and give the lord all of the honor and the glory. Without him, I wouldn’t be here.