Checking airfare for the playoffs…

November 10, 2008 | Drew Forrester

I was busy last night checking the price of flights for playoff road trips the weekend of January 3-4.

I sure hope the Ravens don’t play Denver.  It’s expensive to fly to Denver from Baltimore.

Other than that, most of the other possible locations are VERY affordable.  Jacksonville?  No problem. $180 round trip.  New England?  $160 round trip if you buy before December 14.  

Mind you, right now there’s a decent chance the Ravens might even HOST a game that weekend and I can put the travel money in Ethan’s college fund instead.

Wanna REALLY get crazy?  Who knows, the Ravens might be the #2 seed and have a first-round bye the weekend of January 3-4. 

Let’s be honest.  Right now in the AFC, there are six teams worthy of thinking about going to the Super Bowl.  Six.  And the Ravens are one of them.  

Tennessee hasn’t lost a game yet.  They have every right to think they’ll be in Tampa come February. Although I don’t think the Steelers can win without Willie Parker, I’m sure Pittsburgh harbors real hopes of going to the Super Bowl despite losing to Indy yesterday.  New England always considers themselves Super Bowl-worthy, even with someone other than Tom Brady at quarterback.  Indy is ALWAYS a threat when Manning, Wayne and Harrison are healthy.  And if Jacksonville – yes, the same Jacksonville that lost to Cincinnati last week – gets an oil change and starts hitting on all cylinders, they could be this year’s New York Giants of last year…where they got hot at just the right time and rolled through the post-season. 

Denver’s defense isn’t good enough and San Diego is too inconsistent.  They’ll be first-round food for someone in the AFC.

Tennessee, Pittsburgh, New England, Jacksonville, Indianapolis and yes, BALTIMORE, are the only six teams in the AFC that can rightfully think, right now — “we might be good enough to go to the Super Bowl this year”. 

Of course, the Ravens are going to find out just how good they really are over the course of the next two weekends when they host a pair of teams thinking Super Bowl from the NFC.

Facts are facts.  The Ravens have won 6 games this year, but not one of those wins has come against a team with a winning record.  To borrow a phrase I’m using in almost every Orioles’ discussion we have these days — “that’s not a low blow…just a fact.”  Baltimore’s had some very good wins this year…true…but none have come against a team with a winning record.  Not a low blow, just a fact.

Time to change that, don’t you think?

Baltimore heads to New York next Sunday for a 1:00 pm showdown with the Giants.  And the following Sunday back in Charm City, the Philadelphia Eagles will arrive for the much anticipated match-up between John Harbaugh’s NEW team and his OLD team.  Should be fun.

I sure hope we don’t go to Denver in the playoffs.  I bet it’s freezing there in January.