UPDATE PT. 2: Could Teixeira be headed to Baltimore ?

December 14, 2008 |


12:25 : Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com is now reporting that Angelos and Teixeira will not be at the Ravens game together today. I have never heard of Angelos coming to a Ravens game in the past, but that does not meant that Teixeira could come to the game as a guest of the O’s in the MASN suite with another representative of the organization. Maybe this is a part of his free agent tour that he is taking.

I am just ready for the game now, Tex gate 2008 is out of control.


There is word going around this morning that Mark Teixeira could be at the Ravens – Steelers game this afternoon.  This really got started on Orioles Hangout by Roy Firestone. * Comcast Sportsnet reported last night that Teixeria will be at the game this afternoon. * ESPN reported it at the end of Sportscenter this morning.

Now MASN does own a suite at M&T Bank Stadium.However, before fans get excited, this could mean absolutely nothing if he is at the game today, or it could mean he could be in talks with the Orioles.

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