Cowboys gift-wrap a win for the Ravens

October 14, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Unless you’re just looking to be a contrarian – and if you are, that’s cool – you’d have to say Sunday’s 31-29 win over the Cowboys goes down, currently, as the luckiest win in Ravens history.

I’m not talking a little lucky.

I’m not saying it’s even of the “boy, we really got lucky today” variety.

This one was, “There’s absolutely no way in hell we should have won that game.  Can you believe we did?  We’re lucky as s**t to win today.”

Consider this:  The Cowboys had the ball for 40:03.  In case you forgot, the game is 60:00 in length.  The Ravens, then, had it for a mere 19:57.

Speaking of offense, the Cowboys riddled the Ravens for 27 first downs (and 3 more due to Baltimore penalties).  The Ravens offense managed 18 first downs.

Dallas ran for more yards (227) against the Ravens than any team has — ever.  As in, since the team came to Baltimore in 1996 ever.  The Cowboys ran the ball so well that Baltimore Marathon officials showed up afterwards with medals-of-completion for all of the Dallas running backs who carried the ball on Sunday.

The Cowboys rang up 481 yards of offense on the Ravens.  They drove the ball 80 yards in the final 4:41 and scored a touchdown to narrow the gap to 31-29.  Then, the guy who had tortured the Baltimore defense throughout the afternoon inexplicably dropped the 2-point conversion with 32 seconds left.

Game over, right?


The Dallas special teams unit did the unthinkable, recovering the onside kick when the ball slithered through the normally sure-fire hands of the Ravens Brendon Ayanbadejo.

And the Cowboys then moved the ball down the field, reaching the Baltimore 34 yard line with 26 seconds remaining.  What happened then was precisely why Dallas doesn’t have a very good football team.

Tony Romo found Dez Bryant for a one-yard gain to bring up 2nd down.  Armed with one time-out, there were gobs of options presented to the Cowboys at that point.  Romo could have thrown the ball into the dirt, saved a time-out, and used a moment to get his offense together for a 3rd down running play that, if nothing else, would have moved the ball into the middle of the field for kicker Dan Bailey. Romo could have hustled his offense to the line of scrimmage and thrown a sideline pass to give his team a shorter kick.  He could have called time-out with 20 seconds to play to figure out how to attack the remaining seconds and get his team in the best position for the winning kick.

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  1. sal Says:

    drew you suck

  2. P-dubs Says:

    Our defense is nevermore

  3. Glenn Says:

    The orange kook-aid turned purple today for me. I’m gonna belly up to that bar and just believe. What’s the alternative? Someone telling me it’s crap? Hell, this is supposed to be entertainment.

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    Ravens defense is like a leaky pipe but they win. The whole divison sucks right now but we are in first place. Next week is Oui Vei.

  5. bigkat Says:

    First of all SAL your a JACKA**,
    This team is in some dire straits, the defense looked like swiss cheese and the potential loss of Webb and Lewis may just be setting us up for a collalpse to the Post-Season. I was listening to people get on the fire Pees bandwagon, don’t even start with that crap. When u lose the personnel we have lost and have Cary Williams get dragged down the field like a rag doll by Dez, what can you expect. I hope this D can hold on to games so the offense can play. Hey it worked in New England three times it can work here

  6. eric Says:

    The time of possession is a little skewed by the kickoff return for a TD which takes the ball away from the offense. But the bottom line is the young players on defense just aren’t ready to play prime time Ravens D. Pitta,Dickson and T Smith were ready to step up on offense but A Jones,T Cody, P Kruger, P McPhee, S Kindle,D Ellerbe,J Smith, J McClain and A McClelland just aren’t getting it done.

  7. eric Says:

    And how about J Jones calling this the best performance of the year by his Boys and the future looks good. LOL. Get a GM you clown and get out of the way.

  8. joe of bel air Says:

    I’d rather be lucky than good. They don’t ask how but how many. Hell the Pats got to the Super Bowl having the worse defense in the league last year. Maybe the Ravens can do the same.

  9. Diablo Says:

    Well clearly Sal has some valid input….

    The defense is he result of the Ravens organization heavily focusing on the Offense. No surprise there. Add in losing Suggs and basically the entire defense play calling changes. You are basically stuck with what you have.

    But I am still blown away by the Cam play calling on offense. Deep in the Ravens territory, 3rd and forever, Cam calls a lazy screen to Rice that thankfully was batted at the line. Had it been “completed” its a 50-50 shot at an interception for six and a five yard loss.

    At the end of the game, the Ravens only have one loss…and it completely blows my mind.

  10. The Armchair QB Says:

    Garrett’s decision to kick the extra point at 24-19, instead of trying for a 2 pt. conversion played a part in their loss. But, the clock management at the end spoke volumes for why Dallas continues to lose! Our defense was terrible before the loss of Webb and Lewis, so it only figures to get worse! That puts more pressure on the offense, which has the personnel and ability, to be prolific, but not the….coaching! Here’s hoping they prove me wrong………

  11. P Gavin Says:

    Anyone who grouses about Cam after this game… well they just don’t understand sports. That is a statement from a moron. One PLAY in the game??? and in bad field position?? I just don’t get why people think that they know better AFTER THE FACT. Tons of Raven “fans” think that if one or two things had gone different in their lives, that they would be standing on an NFL sideline. If we were to question Diablo under the hot lights, he would say that he could do a better job than a man who has spent his whole life in the game….. and has reached the pinnacle of his profession.

    Teams in the NFL all have great players and excellent coaching. They both TRY. To think that it is about just coaching is nuts. Luck and breaks sometimes have as much to do with a win or loss in ANY game. If they didn’t we would not watch.

  12. Dan Says:

    Watching the last 2 minutes of yesterdays game what kept jumping into my mind was W W F. ( wrassling ) The League really has it perfected .

  13. Lisa, Aberdeen Says:

    All the stats on a given Sunday don’t mean squat if you don’t win. And Baltimore thinks John has terrible clock management? Jason blew it at the end. And Drew you are right, if that John, fans would be going nuts.

    I think some Baltimore fans have a hard time separating the Ravens D of past with the current. Our D is going to give up yards and points, it’s reality. As long as our O puts up more points than the opponent then we win. If not, then we lose.

    I’m not one for an icing an kicker – I’ve it seen it burn teams more than not. If John was going to leave a TO on the board, that was the one I wanted him to leave. And he did!

  14. tsnamm Says:

    Well like one of the previous posters said, it was a swiss cheese D. Its been suspect since the beginning of the season with the injuries, free agent losses and aging stars. This isn’t your fathers Ravens D. This season for the 1st time it will be up to the Joe and the Offense to get it done and carry this team to the playoffs. The one good thisg is that its the beginning of the season and there is still time to straighten things out going forward,even as we’re inexplicably 5-1. We’ll see how Harbs and his brain trust can try and tweak this thing to make improvements. Tuna says you are what your record says you are, so I won’t argue with 1st, I just can’t tell you how it happened..

  15. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    We are 5&1 should be 6&0 if Flacco pulls the Eagles game out which he should have with under 2 minutes left, that’s on him. A win is a win and I will take it. My question is can anybody make a tackle on the Ravens enough with the trying to body check the runner…it’s not working.

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