Crabtree says legal issues behind him at Super Bowl

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on what has been the most unreal part about the Super Bowl so far) “That we are still playing, still practicing, still going to meetings. It feels unreal.”


(on if he remembers watching his first Super Bowl) “I really don’t. I’m sure I watched the countdown on all of the Super Bowls. I was playing Tecmo Bowl and all of the video games.”


(on what QB Colin Kaepernick has been like this week as a young player handling a big stage) “He is the same. I feel like everybody is the same.”


(on how they have managed not to let this moment get too big for them) “It’s really just coming into New Orleans and thinking the same. It’s a football game, it’s something that we have to do. It’s a goal we have had for so long and we have finally reached it. Now, we just have to make it happen.”


(on the best advice WR Randy Moss has given him) “I am with Randy every day, so there is so much stuff I hear. It’s comedy and at the same time it’s real. I heat something every day.”


(on his favorite Randy Moss memory growing up) “I’m sure everybody did it, but you always say ‘Moss.’ When you catch a ball over somebody, it’s always ‘Moss.’ It’s funny when you are at practice and you catch a ball over somebody and they say, ‘you got Moss’d.’ You talk to the DB and you say, ‘you got Moss’d,’ and Moss is sitting right there next to you.”


(on his reaction when he learned that Randy Moss had signed with the 49ers) “I was just honored to be next to him. A guy like that, a legend. He was someone that you looked up to when you were younger. It’s just a great feeling.”


(on Colin Kaepernick starting his 10th career game in the Super Bowl) “It’s crazy man and it is what it is. The guy can play some ball. We are in the Super Bowl and half of it is because of Kaepernick. You can’t ask for a better quarterback.”


(on what is special about Colin Kaepernick) “I would say keeping the play going longer, running the ball and throwing the ball. It’s just a combination of things.”


(on if he and Colin Kaepernick have had a race and who is the fastest player on the team) “No. Everyone talks about a race. The DB’s think they are the fastest. There is a lot of competition. Guys can’t wait to race. It will be like Any Given Sunday…I don’t know. I would say that Teddy Ginn (WR Ted Ginn Jr.) is the fastest. We are probably down the line because you have guys like A.J. Jenkins that can really run now.”


(on if he has played this game on Madden yet) “I think we did it last night on the Madden Challenge, but we didn’t finish the game. It was tied up at halftime.”


(on how much he enjoys the media attention of the Super Bowl) “I will probably enjoy the game more than I enjoy all of this. It’s always good to be here and it is what it is. We are just out here having fun.”


(on getting word that there would officially be no charges filed in his legal situation) “I knew that whole time, but it was something that we had to deal with. I respect the system and whatever they had to do.”


(on if the legal situation was on his mind during the NFC championship game) “No not at all. I was disappointed with the allegations, but at the same time I had to deal with it.”


(on if he is happier with his postseason play this year) “We just made that step to the Super Bowl. We were one step away last year and now we are here and we just have to take over. I feel like I still have something to prove. I just have to go hard and do my job on Sunday.”



Super Bowl XLVII – Tuesday, January 29, 2013






(on what his goal was coming into the season) “The goal was to get the Super Bowl. Like I said, everybody played a big part of what we are doing and just really adding Kap (Colin Kaepernick) at the end of the year just boosted it. We are on our way.”


(on what unique skills Colin Kaepernick has that changes the game) “I think it’s the weapons that are around him that makes the guy feel that much more comfortable because having all of these guys, Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker, Frank Gore, LaMichael James, having all of these weapons kind of makes you feel comfortable in what you are doing and confident in what you have. I feel like that guy has a strong arm, he could run at any moment, and he is fast. He has a great line in front of him. The sky is the limit.”


(on if he has bruises from how hard Colin Kaepernick throws the ball. “No, it’s more like this. When we are doing individuals with the quarterback and the receiver, guys go to the back of the line when it’s (Colin) Kaepernick time. They try to time it out so that if Kaepernick is third, they want to go fourth. It’s a lot of heat coming. You have to look it in. If you blink and you don’t look it in, then it will bounce off of your hands or anything.”


(on Colin Kaepernick earning playing time through practice) “In practice it’s kind of hard to tell, especially in the game of football because everybody is not going full speed. It just happens in the game. He is a gamer. It’s not something you can read. There is not body language that you can read at practice to know until you get to the field on Sunday.”


(on if his college spread offense helped him when they built the offense to fit Colin Kaepernick) “Just catching the ball and catching a lot of balls and throwing the ball a lot. The spread is one of the best things that you can do. This game is really going the direction of spread. It’s always nice to have a solid running game.”


(on if he is concerned that the untrue allegations will follow him) “I don’t think that can follow me. I am disappointed in what happened with the allegations, but I just let my attorney and all of those guys deal with that. That is behind me now and I am really looking forward to the Super Bowl.”


(on the ups and downs on his way to this moment) “It’s definitely a story and a story to be told, but it will make it that much better if I win this Super Bowl you know. Just another chapter in the book.”


(on the role of Randy Moss on this team) “He plays a big role. You are talking about Randy Moss. He is a legendary wide receiver. His voice alone gets you hyped. Him being around just brings the best out of us.”


(on what Randy Moss shares with the team) “It’s every day. It’s in the locker room and on the field. Day to day, is day to day with Randy Moss. I could honestly see Randy Moss standing on the stage like Charles Barkley or one of those guys that just speaks their mind because his personality is amazing.”


(on if he thinks they would have made it to the Super Bowl with Alex Smith at quarterback) “I feel like we were going to make it with whoever at quarterback, whoever at receiver, whoever at tight end and whoever on the line. I just have that much confidence in my teammates.”


(on what makes the read options so effective) “I think just having an option really puts a lot of pressure on the defense. The read option, the option to throw the ball, the option to run the ball with two different people in the backfield, I think it’s just another dimension in the game. It’s options, it’s the spread offense, it’s the run game, and there are just so many different things you can do in the offense.”


(on if this is a team that can be good for the next decade) “Oh yeah, we talk about that all the time. There is so much talent on the team and we are all kind of young. We just want to see it all stay together. Usually great teams like that will get broken up with coaches or players leaving, but it would be nice to see us together for a while.”