Derrick Mason says if he can play he will play, if he can’t he will play anyway

November 12, 2008 |

-Derrick Mason updated his status today as, ” if I can play I will play, if I can’t play, I will still play.” Mason says there is nothing that he can see from keeping him out of the game Sunday. Coach Harbaugh pointed out that Mason might sit out of practice this week to help rehab his shoulder, but he will be a game time decision on Sunday.

– The Ravens are not caught up in the hype that they are playing the defending Super Bowl champions. They really have the one game at a time mentality and that rings clear from Coach Harbaugh, to Ray Lewis, to Derrick Mason, to Joe Flacco, to Jason Brown. It is obvious they have bought into Coach Harbaugh’s way of thinking when they all give you the one game at a time quote.

– Several of the Ravens offensive players talked about how similar they see the Giants defense and the Ravens defense. As Coach Harbaugh pointed out, it is not really the schemes that are similar, but the aggresiveness of both of the defense’s. They both really like to get after the running back and stop the run.

-On the offensive side of the ball for the Giants, the Ravens have a tremendous amount of respect for the Giants running game  and in particular Brandon Jacobs. Trevor Pryce pointed out that Jacobs is unique because you do not see many running back his size(6’4 264lbs) in the NFL, or in college. Pryce thinks it falls on the guys up front to stop Jacobs, because as he pointed out if Jacobs gets into the secondary it is lights out, and will be bad.

– The Giants running game  presents multiple challenges for this Ravens defense. It is the #1 ranked rushing attack going against the #1 team at stopping the run. Haloti Ngata talked about what is different about the Giants is that they have three very good backs they can throw at you. Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw, are all very different style runners that you have to be prepared for. Ward is also dangerous catching the ball out of the backfield and you have to account for him in that aspect.

-Willie Anderson who left Sunday’s game against the Texans with a left ankle injury, was in the locker room with a boot on his left foot and walking with a crutch. Anderson said that he expects to play on Sunday, but my guess watching him walk around the facility is that could be a long shot.

– Dawan Landry’s season was ended due to the fact of the team discovering a bruise when a second MRI was conducted. Chris McAlister has had surgery on his knee, but Coach Harbaugh has not heard from McAlister about the surgery.

-Former Raven draft pick David Pittman has signed with the New Orleans Saints

– Coach Harbaugh thinks that the Giants are a better team now than what they were win they won the Super Bowl.

– You can listen to the audio from several of the Ravens players in the audio vault to the left of the blogs.