Derrick Mason says playoff situation “is what it is”

December 17, 2008 |

That was the thoughts of Derrick Mason about the Ravens and their playoff position. Derrick was not alone as several other players said that they wish they were in a better position, but they are not so they have to deal with the cards that have been dealt them.

Injury Front

Ray Rice returned to practice today, and is hopeful that he will be ready to play on Saturday night. Fabian Washington described his hamstring issues as “mildly sore”, which drew some laughter from his locker mate Lorenzo Neal. Fabian said he wishes the game was on Sunday so he would have an extra day to get ready, but thinks his chances are very high that he will play.

Closing Texas Stadium out

Several of the Ravens players admitted that it will be cool to be a part of NFL history on Saturday night and play in possibly the last game in Texas Stadium, but they are more focused on going to get a win to stay in control of their playoff destiny. They want to close Texas Stadium out the right way in their opinion and that is with a win.

Haloti still going to Pro Bowl

Although Haloti Ngata did not make the Pro Bowl as a starter, but did as an alternate, he did say ,”they better” when he was asked about Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs taking him to Hawaii. Haloti says that he does not feel snubbed by not making it and is focused on the Cowboys this week and not worried about the Pro Bowl. Ray Lewis says he does not understand how Ngata did not make it and wonders how he could make it without Ngata, even going as far as to say ” there is no me without them.”