Dickson wants to bring Lombardi Trophy back to Baltimore

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on San Francisco’s defense) “Every game’s different. We’ve seen the success that Atlanta had. We’re not going to be naïve. I’m sure they’ve made corrections. In the end, it’s all about us and the things that we do well with running the football and passing the ball, just being a balanced offense. We’ve seen a lot of things on film that we can exploit, and we’ll go after those things.”


(on making it to the Super Bowl) “I don’t really get star struck. I think the first time I really got star struck was when I met Ray Lewis for the first time. It wasn’t really star struck, though. It was like, ‘Bam,’ then that was it. It’s the grand stage of them all. We worked so hard to get to this moment. It only serves us right to get to this moment and seal it off.”


(on his expectations for Sunday) “I’m going to catch four touchdowns. The sky’s the limit. I’m not going to sell myself short. It’s the Super Bowl. I’m not going to get extra emotional about it. I’m just going to do the things we’ve been doing all season and win the game.”


(on the expected outcome of the game) “It’s in God’s mind, but we’re here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to win. We have no distractions. Even Beyonce can’t get us to lose this game.”


(on the fans’ sendoff in Baltimore) “To see everybody out in Baltimore yesterday, I’ve never seen it like that. I’ve been out there on the harbor to eat a million times and have never seen fans like that. We love it. We want to bring home the trophy to the fans and go party with them. They deserve it. Our leader, Mufasa (Ray Lewis), deserves it. Just everyone in this organization deserves it.”