Does quarterback choice matter to Ray Lewis ?

February 25, 2009 |

With all of this talk about Ray Lewis staying in Baltimore or going to New York or joining Terrell Owens in Dallas, here is a little food for thought this morning.
Let’s say that the money is relatively equal from all three teams. If you are Ray Lewis, would you rather stay here and play with Joe Flacco, go to Dallas and play with Tony Romo, or go to New York to play with a yet-to-be determined quarterback.
By the way, Flacco has more playoff wins in his one season in the NFL than Romo or whoever is going to be the quarterback for the Jets.
Money will be the big issue for Ray, but having Flacco as the Ravens’ quarterback compared to what his other options might be, could also be a huge factor in the final decision.
If you are Ray, who would you want to play with at the quarterback position?

Do you think it will matter to Lewis ?