Does Sunday in KC start Cam Cameron’s last job audition?

January 03, 2011 | Drew Forrester

month or so and might very well be staring a return to right tackle in the face if he continues to wobble like he has since the Steelers plowed through him in early December.

Matt Birk has also suffered through a somewhat shaky second half of the season and is likely in the waning stages of his Ravens career unless I’m reading the tea leaves wrong. Cam didn’t sign him. Ozzie did. And while Birk enjoyed a decent 2009, 2010 has seen him give up his fair share of gap penetration that has been part of the Ravens pass blocking breakdowns.

And while Cameron can be held accountable for the performance of the offense as a whole, he can’t necessarily be completely held responsible for Joe Flacco – both the good and the bad – since the Ravens elected to bring aboard Jim Zorn to serve as quarterbacks coach after the “departure” (that word is in ” ” for a reason) of Hue Jackson last January. Jackson and Flacco got along famously. So much so, in fact, that Joe was openly displeased with Hue’s exit and Zorn’s arrival. That’s not to say that Flacco has resisted the coaching of Zorn. It’s to say that Flacco benefitted greatly from Hue Jackson. And Cameron wasn’t involved in that departure-hire combination last year.

But make no mistake about this: Cam Cameron is going to be judged on his 2010 season based mainly on what transpires in this 2011 playoff campaign. If the Ravens offense spits and sputters like an old pick up truck this Sunday in KC and Baltimore loses 23-10 to the Chiefs, you’d be doing Cam a favor by leaving some boxes at the door of the facility so he doesn’t have to fetch them himself. And even if the Ravens beat the Chiefs but then throw a shoe at New England or Pittsburgh the following week and lose Something-to-13, Cameron will be the “former” Ravens offensive coordinator shortly thereafter.

That’s my guess.

Ask yourself this question. Forgetting wins for a second – since the offense doesn’t WIN the game by themselves…defense and special teams help out too – if you watched all 16 Ravens games on tape today and were able to disregard the outcome of the game, has Baltimore’s offense looked effective enough for you to say, without question, that Cam Cameron deserves to continue on as the coordinator of that unit?

A lot of the players would say “no” to that.

Terrell Suggs said after Sunday’s game that anything less than a Super Bowl win won’t be good enough for the players. He didn’t say “and Cam Cameron” but he might as well have.

Cameron is starting a 3-game audition this Sunday in Kansas City.

If he doesn’t go 3-0, the 12-4 regular season won’t matter.

That was then, this is now.