Don’t Get Worked Up About Reed’s Hip “Procedure”

May 05, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Multiple local media outlets reported today that Ed Reed underwent an offseason hip “procedure.” The reports varied on whether the “procedure” was actually a surgery or not. In fact, we sent out a Text Alert regarding the reports.

Let me take a minute to clarify a few things that knows about the “procedure”…

A source close to Ed Reed told some 10 weeks ago that Reed was to undergo some sort of “procedure” regarding his injured hip/groin, which forced him to miss 4 games down the stretch last season. The time of the procedure was unknown at the time, but the source described the procedure as “no big deal.”

The same source was the one that told me that Ed had already made up his mind about returning to the NFL this season, as long as he was healthy enough to play.

That’s the crux of what’s going on with Ed.

This procedure should not have any effect on Ed Reed’s status for 2010. He’s planning on playing in 2010, and had talked to teammates such as Anquan Boldin about the season, according to head coach John Harbaugh. The organization is working under the same assumption, although Ed has never called Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome or anyone else in the organization to say “it’s official, I’m coming back.”

Nothing about that changed due to this “procedure.”

Ed was going to do SOMETHING about his injured hip/groin, and he did.

Sometimes news is factual, but not overly significant.