Eagles gameplan for Ravens will not be changed by tie

November 17, 2008 |

Here are some notes from the Monday press conference:

– The title of the blog is actually part of a question that was asked to Coach Harbaugh today, as to how the Eagles coming off of a tie will change things for this week.

– Coach Harbaugh said he expects that Jared Gaither and Adam Terry will be ok for Sunday. He also pointed out that Willie Anderson has a chance to play Sunday and that the extra week off will help him. Willis McGahee is also expected to be ok with an ankle issue.

– The Ravens feel like there was three big running plays that they did not defend well yesterday. Those three big plays, (36yd run by Jacobs, 22yd run by Ward, 77yd run by Bradshaw) equaled 135 yards. The Giants only managed 72 yards rushing the rest of the game.

-There is a lot going to be made this week about Coach Harbaugh facing the Eagles . Coach Harbaugh said when he saw the schedule he remembered the date of the game, 11/23, but that was all on facing his other team. He doesn’t feel like he has a great amount of knowledge that is going to help them in their game planning for the Eagles this week. He did talk about the amount of respect that he has for Coach Andy Reid and that they talk and text one another sporadically.

– The 10 penalties yesterday are a factor in the loss to the Giants yesterday, but not the main reason they lost the game. Coach Harbaugh is proud of the way that they have cut down on the dumb penalties such as late hits and unsportsmanlike conduct.

-The question was raised today about the punt by Sam Koch in the 4th quarter(14:48), that appeared to have hit a Giants player. Coach Harbaugh pointed out that no one on the Ravens could say that they saw it hit a Giants player, so they did not challenge the call. After watching the film this morning, Coach Harbaugh says it was clear that it did not hit a Giants player.

-On the Samari Rolle interception that was not to be, the ruling is that you have to maintain control of the ball. Rolle had control when he fell on the guy, but lost control of the ball when he got up to run. Coach Harbaugh gave the refs credit for making the right call.

– After being on the road for 5 out of the last 6 games, the Ravens are looking forward to being home for 4 out of the last 6 games on the schedule. Novemeber and December according to Coach Harbaugh is when good teams play the best.