Eric “Ozzie Jr.” DeCosta’s Thoughts

April 27, 2010 | John West

I have several thoughts about a radio piece I heard the other day.  Eric DeCosta of the Ravens was being interviewed and was fielding questions about the recent Ravens draft and the general “State of the Ravens”  As always, Mr. DeCosta took all the questions, some of them difficult, and handled them like the professional he is.  Basically,he acted like a Raven, and not an Oriole.

The first question was centered around the “Why no secondary help in the draft?”  That seems to be the main question coming out of this draft.  To sum up, Mr. Decosta said that after CB Javier Arenas, Alabama, was taken in the early third round, their wasn’t anybody they thought they could draft that could contribute to this team.  I LOVE this answer.  I call it the “Anti Devard Darling” draft process.  Several years ago the Ravens needed a WR in the draft.  So, they took Davard Darling in the second round.  He wasn’t a second round draft pick and the team really reached to take a need, rather than draft on top talent on the board philosophy.  I think that’s the last time Ozzie ever did that.  Mr. Decosta said that the Ravens will invite some rookie free agents and see if one could surprise like Daniel Ellerbe did last year.  They will also see what veterans get cut and take a look at helping their roster this way.

The Ravens are really good against the run.  Why the need to draft Terrance Cody?  Mr. DeCosta said that the AFC North runs the ball and has recently drafted to show a continued desire to run the ball.  The Steelers spent their first round draft pick this year on a tough, hard nosed center and the Bengals spent their first round draft pick last year on a run blocking tackle.  If the division is investing in run blocking offensive lineman, the Ravens have to be equally committed to stopping the run.  We play the division 6 games a years and its how we get to the playoffs.  We have to draft with an eye on what is happening in our division, and I love the recognition of this fact.

Mr. DeCosta also stated that the off-season MVP of the Ravens is turning out to be Paul Kruger.  He has switched positions from a bench player, sorry linebacker, to a defensive end.  He is going from weighing 260 to around 280-285.  He currently weighs in the 270 range.  He hasn’t lost any speed.  He is in the weight room all the time and is completely committed to being a full time speed rush defensive end for this team.  This couldn’t make me any happier.  This will be an easy swap from Trevor to Paul and once again, the Ravens will have gotten better, and younger, on defense.

This just in, we have a missing players alert on linebacker Tavaris Gooden, from the U.  If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, please notify us, and we will post it.