Fan returns ball to Reed

January 02, 2009 |

For one Ravens’ fan, going to a Ravens game wearing a Ed Reed Jersey paid off. If you watch this video, you will see at the end of the 108 yd interception returned for a touchdown by Ed Reed, he hands the ball to a fan in the stands. At the time, Ed did not know that he had just set the NFL record for the longest interception returned for a touchdown. Once it was realized it was a record, Ed Reed’s jersey was sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame because the football was now gone.

So this kid goes to school talking about it and how cool it was, well one of his classmates is none other than Rex Ryan’s son. So word gets back to Rex who then finds out that Reed would like the ball. Well, today the kid and his family came to the facility where after practice they were greeted by Rex Ryan and Ed Reed. They presented him an authentic Ed Reed jersey, an autographed football by the team, a football signed by Ed Reed, and a tour of the facility. The young man was wearing Ed Reed’s jersey today when he came to the facility which Reed signed for him as well as taking pictures with the fan and his family.