First Quarter Ravens Report Card

October 02, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Four games into the season, here are the grades I’m handing out for a majority of the starters involved in the Ravens 2007 campaign to date.

Steve McNair (C+) — hopefully his arm doesn’t fall off by week #8
Kyle Boller (B) — has had some “high-quality” moments this year

Musa Smith (B+) — one of the more pleasant surprises so far in ’07
Willis McGahee (A) — Jamal who?  McGahee has done everything asked of him

Mark Clayton
(C) — hasn’t really played much…but so far, not much production when he has played
Demetrius Williams
(B) — great hands…needs to get in the end zone more
Derrick Mason (B+) — has been REALLY good this year…REALLY good

I’m not going to grade each offensive lineman individually, but I’d say as a general grade they deserve a “B”…they’ve all done a good job, especially Adam Terry, who has performed very well in place of the injured Jon Ogden.

Ray Lewis (B) — hasn’t been great, and seems to be less involved than usual, but he did make that pick in the end zone that saved the Jets game…
Terrell Suggs (C-) — maybe it’s the departure of A.D. — maybe teams are keying on him…four games, 0 sacks…not good enough
Bart Scott (C-) —  see above…the same applies to Bart…we need more from him
Haloti Ngata (B) — teams can’t run the ball on the Ravens and he’s a big reason why
Kelly Gregg (C) — like Ray, it seems like he’s not been involved as much as we’re used to seeing
Jarrett Johnson (C) — hasn’t been as good as the Ravens thought he’d be, but I think he’s getting better
Ed Reed (B+) — almost single-handedly won the Bengals game…still a game-changer
Chris McAlister (B) — the Braylon Edwards burn-by hurt C-Mac’s grade for sure

Rex Ryan (C) — hard to give him anything other than “C” when his defense has given up 22.5 points per-game
Rick Neuheisel (B) — between the 20’s, this is as good of a Ravens offense as we’ve seen in a long time — getting in the end zone, though, has been an issue, to say the least
Brian Billick (C-) — the entirely unpredictable nature of the Ravens offense has been a breath of fresh air but the team’s lack of TD’s smells like old socks…RUN THE BALL MORE!…