Here’s an idea…let’s bring back Anthony Wright or Kyle Boller

February 11, 2013 | Drew Forrester

You people have reached an all-time low now.

Seriously.  I thought it was bad when a quarter of the stadium cheered after Kyle Boller suffered an in-game injury, but that’s nothing compared to what we’re currently going through with regard to Joe Flacco.

Last week – and I’m sure, even more again this coming week – a bunch of you either called the show or e-mailed me to talk about Joe Flacco’s contract situation.  Somehow, as if you had been struck in the head by a two-by-four, you managed to exceed the stupidity-cap by saying stuff like this:

“Look, Flacco’s a good quarterback, but we can’t mortgage the franchise for him.”

“If Joe really wants to show what kind of teammate he is, he’ll take a little less money so the Ravens can keep some of their veterans like Kruger, Ellerbe and Cary Williams.”

“Anyone can win one Super Bowl. If Joe really wants that hundred million dollar contract, he has to do it one more time.”

All three of those calls came in to my show.  Scanning the local radio dial last week, I heard a lot more of that nonsense – and then some, as folks who can’t come to grips with the fact that Flacco is a champion just decided to say dumb stuff and hope it passed as intelligence.

It didn’t.

If you aren’t convinced that Joe Flacco is the real deal by now, you should literally sell your season tickets back to the Ravens and  rake leaves on Sundays in the fall.

For starters, Flacco deserves every penny he can squeeze out of Ozzie Newsome.  It doesn’t matter how much it is.  If the quarterback is happy with the deal, it’s fair.  Get it done – and pay the man.

Some folks are saying “he doesn’t deserve to be the highest paid quarterback in the league.”  OK, well, then, how DOES he become the highest paid QB in the league if he’s not that guy right now?  If he can’t earn the largest contract in the league after doing what he has done over the last five years, when CAN he earn it?  Does everyone understand what’s going on here in Baltimore?  After twelve years of employing stiffs at quarterback, the Ravens finally found their gem in 2008.  All he’s done since then is win more games than any other guy at his position in the league.  Three trips to the AFC title game, a Super Bowl title…

Somehow, there are nitwits in town who still think this guy Flacco doesn’t deserve to cash in.

I know we fancy ourselves an upscale, sophisticated sports community, but it’s times like these when I wonder how some of you find your way back and forth to work each day.

Joe Flacco just delivered the city a world football championship and, within days of doing so, you were already back to taking a shot at him or challenging him to “prove” how great he is by winning just one more championship.

I wish I represented Flacco.  Not that Joe Linta isn’t doing a good job for him, but I’d go see Ozzie with a huge duffel bag and dump it out on his desk.  You know what would be in there?  I would have copied enough $100 bills to fill the bag up and then I would spread it out on Oz’s desk and say, “That’s what $150 million looks like in case you were wondering.”  (Yeah, I know, a whole duffel bag of fake $100 bills probably wouldn’t equal $150 million but it’s all in the presentation.)

All the man has done since he showed up here in 2008 is WIN.  That’s it.  He’s started every game, won most of them, and guided his team through four post-season games in 2013 and won the world title last Sunday night.

A week later, and people are still putting the dude down.

It’s embarrassing, honestly.

And sad, too.

The only good news is that Flacco is going to be too busy to listen to talk radio, surf the web or read the newspaper.

You’d be busy, too, if you were counting that much money.


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  1. PghSteve Says:

    Don’t know if he deserves “highest paid” QB money, but he deserves to be in that neighborhood for sure. His post-season was amazing, likely better than Brady has ever had. Some of your callers need t orealize what they have in Flacco, that he is one of the top QBs in the league and there are no signs of that changing. He’s what, 27 years old? 6-7 more years of Flacco behind center does not thrill this Steelers fan, but it ought to excite Ravens fans. C’mon man!

  2. Joe Says:

    Driving home from the Justin Tucker appearance on Saturday, I heard a weekend show on WNST talk about Joe Flacco likely getting a 20 million dollar per year contract, and they said “That’s probably about 18 million more than he deserves to get paid”

    It was around 1pm…

  3. charlie Says:

    not sure about ‘you people,’ but by godfrey, anyone who isn’t satisfied with a super bowl trophy, super bowl mvp, excellent run thru the playoffs, accompanied by joe’s size, smarts, calm demeanor, gun-of-an-arm, and leadership is NEVER going to be happy.

    remember: back in the 60s, some of ‘those people’ booed unitas and demanded cuozzo.

    some things never change. but that’s sports.

    joe is baltimore’s qb, thank heaven.

  4. Unitastoberry Says:

    All kidding aside you got to pay Joe who cares all you idiots out there it’s not your money. What we need now is a quality back up because 5 yrs and no injuries something’s got to give . Ozzie will field a good team next year bet on it.

  5. The Armchair QB Says:

    Let the idiots name just one other QB who has taken his team to 5 straight playoff games in his first 5 seasons, including 3 AFC championship games and a Super Bowl victory in which he was named MVP! Not only that, but he tied Joe Montana’s playoff record for TD passes and no interceptions and had it not been for Lee Evans’ drop of a TD pass in the endzone last year, he’d have been in back-to-back Super Bowls! And, by the way, his accomplishments came despite the FACT that for most of his 5 years in the league, he didn’t have much in the way of weapons at receiver! He’s as much a “franchise QB” as any in the league and has EARNED the right to be paid accordingly! But, there is no point arguing with CLOSED minds, particularly when their arguments are….inane!

  6. P Gavin Says:

    The sad truth is that by what I heard on the airwaves, the message forums and talk around town is that A TON of people could not have enjoyed this season. After WINS people were complaining about Flacco, after losses they were avowing that we could NEVER win with this guy. HE WINS WINS and WINS some more yet the fantasy football mind set has taken over.

    The money that he is deserving to get CANNOT be compared to what others have gotten BEFORE. EVERY YEAR the numbers go up. The next big QB to sign (Rodgers, Ryan??) will probably get paid more than JOE. That is the nature of the league. If the “fans” don’t get it, they never will. It is his time and in reality it is his best interests and in the interests of those who follow to get the max contract he can. The players assoc. would be aghast that he would give too much away, they are all(the players) in this together in a abstract way.

    The reality is that WE see every throw, every snap, every mistake and make irrational conclusions. “Joe should have had 3 picks instead of none, Joe should have had more “pocket awareness” when he got strip sacked, Joe missed an open Torrey Smith on an 60 yard pass with a 350lb man at his feet.” They never look at EVERY play that the other Qb’s in the league make. They make as many mistakes as JOE, most obviously make more because he WINS more games than ANY of these other dudes.

    Managing the cap is the RAVENS job, not Flacco and Linta. They are a good organization(obviously), they get it. The whiners and complainers about a WINNING organization are just plain stupid. If you want to moan and groan, follow the Bills, they will give lots more fodder for what pleasures you.

  7. Justafan Says:

    Frankly, I do not listen to sports talk radio for the reasons you just cited. Although I am sure you get intelligent conversations from some of your callers, too many are so far over the top with their criticisms and complaints that it seems like the best thing to do is to just turn the radio off.

  8. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    As I responded to Nestors blog after our Super Bowl win, Joe Flacco you are now a Elite QB now you can go and collect your millions and millions and millions of dollars you now deserve,Thank You.

  9. GlenW Says:

    He’s a leader and a champion. Pay the man already.

  10. matt Says:

    my question is what would make him happy. guaranteed money is all that counts in football so would he take 15 mil/year with 60 mil guaranteed, 20 mil/year with 30 guaranteed, or does it have to be 21 mil a year with 70 guaranteed

  11. Jason Manelli Says:

    Well, judging by the posts here has a lot of smart fans! Of course you have to pay him, he is the franchise QB it took us a very long time to find. Casual fans who think football teams are just a collection of statistics don’t understand Flacco’s value, even after he and his teammates go out and bring Baltimore a Lombardi. Maybe it’s fantasy football, maybe it’s a generation raised on Madden and other football video games, but my theory is it’s Kyle Boller syndrome. This is a Baltimore specific virus that predisposes all fans to think they know best when it comes to evaluating a QB. This carrier for this virus was none other than Kyle Boller, who proved all of the Offensive Geniuses in the stands correct in their assessment that he was not a good QB. Since we’ve been infected, no QB will ever be good enough for Baltimore, as Flacco has discovered. Luckily we have smart people like Ozzie who are immune to the Boller virus, otherwise we’d likely have ‘Dilfered’ Flacco.

  12. chris Says:

    I think anyone who does not think Flacco is our QB for the next 10+ years is absolutely nuts. I will also never understand why people think athletes should take less than the market value of what their services are worth…especially football players with non fully guaraunteed contracts. another thing to keep in mind is that while he may currently be the highest paid QB (once his deal gets done) right now, it will quickly be surpassed by Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. He has won a Super Bowl (unlike trent dilfer who rode a defense to a victory) and deserves everything coming to him. Let me ask anyone this…what if the ravens chose not to make him an “exclusive Rights franchise player” and instead designate him a normal franchise player (therefore allowing a team to give up two 1st round picks to obtain him and then have to allow the team 3 days to match) and the Cleveland Browns offer him a 5 year $110 mill deal with the first year salary being 30 million (therefore making it impossible for the ravens to match). let’s say he decided to take this offer (and why shouldnt he). what would theses morons and idiots be saying then??? i love your show but unfortunately half of your callers are (to quote Flacco) retarded.

  13. rubengy Says:

    No doubt Flacco is a top flight quarterback who deserves a nice big payday. But unless somehow Ozzie can suspend the rules of the salary cap, some really hard decisions are going to have to be made. As I understand their cap situation right now, the Ravens can cut lose every free agent and they still don’t have enough to pay Flacco what he’s worth. They might if they cut Bouldin lose. But then forget about bringing in anybody else. This is what happens when you give long term deals to Suggs, Yanda, Ngata, Rice and Webb. Are any of them willing to take a pay cut, er…restructure?

  14. bigkat Says:

    I must give some Kudos to Jason M. ‘s post, I liked the diagnosis of Baltimore Sports fans. Those nitwits who called your show are just that nitwits. Some just want to here themselves talk. They want to be the one at work ask thier co-workes hey did you hear me on NST say they should cut Flacco or he not worth millions, (pretty funny HUH!) Talk to these people in person I am sure they would say he’s best since Johnny U. Baltimore sports fans are almost 90% in agreement Joe’s our guy. ans some just have no sense at all. The man with the check book said he’s my guy. So go out buy a # 5 jersey it’s going to last for a long time unlike my Johnson, Mcgahee, taylor, boller, and prob. Boldin jerseys.

  15. Joe in Fells Point Says:

    Way to go Joe! You outplayed future hall of famer qb’s and shredded the NFL’s best defenses (49ers and Broncos). You deserve every penny that you can get.

    And by the way, this will not cost Biscotti one dime more to pay Joe. With the salary cap, Biscotti is going to spend all of that money anyway. It is just a matter of allocation and Biscotti is a wise businessman that knows spending more money on Joe will add more dollars to his bottom line. Giving kruger or reed or anyone else the money isn’t going to make Biscotti richer but Joe can. Joe was the key to this super bowl and is the star of this team. Joe will lead this team to more playoff wins and generate more revenue for the team. Again, and those wins won’t cost Biscotti an additional dime because he is going to spend the cap anyway. That is the regulated business of the NFL. And all of those players and fans that thought the holdout was about helping the less players on the roster – instead it went to the superstars. I don’t care who gets the money because it isn’t going to impact my life.

  16. Russ Says:

    The only idiots that say the negative stuff about Flacco are the Flacco haters. They just can’t help themselves. The Ravens and Flacco winning the Super Bowl, especially with the way Flacco played, made them all look so stupid. It exposed them for what they are…’wanna-be football fans’. Flacco could win five more trophies and the still will find something negative to say. They’re not true Raven fans…they are a collection of bandwagon haters. Their sports knowledge is so limited, that it is laughable. Whenever Flacco or the Ravens had a poor or average game, they scream the loudest about the need for the Ravens to get a new QB, but when the Ravens play well, and by extension, Flacco plays well, they are usually silent. Their silence speaks volumes as ignorance is bliss. My advice would always be, put on your big boy pants and suck it up to admit that you were wrong all along.

  17. Robert Says:

    Put together all the Ravens prior QB’s (except Testaverde) Boller, Wright, Mitchell, Case, Banks, Dilfer & Redman and I’m not sure they equal one Flacco. Although I hope Flacco gets the contract he has earned & deserves, I don’t want to see the Ravens do a roster dump & overhaul to get him signed. Cheers.

  18. tsnamm Says:

    I don’t beleive a dozen or 2 loudmouths can compare to a 1/2 million fans who showed up at the parade, so enough with the bad mouthing of Baltimore football fans…I work around the country, and I can tell you I hear just as many stupid phone calls from fans in NYC, Boston, Chicago etc. Most of the folks who call sports talk just want to hear their voices on the air. That being said, Brady took a little less money and restructured his payments to help the team sign players. Whether you get $18.5 or $21 million does it make that much difference? I also notice a lot of veteran players take less money to play in places like NE or Indy when Manning was there…perhaps now we have a Super Bowl champion, we can get some deals like that. Needless to say, if we have to cut all sorts of skill positions to get under the cap, you can forget the playoffs for a year or 2, and I would be interested to see how that goes over around here.

  19. Brian Says:

    Reminds me of a song by Wrathchild America, Surrounded By Idiots…

    Drew, you should play the chorus everytime you get one of those callers and promptly hang up.

  20. Marty Says:

    Well obviously those Flacco haters have a short memory. I can sum it up in two words: Kyler Boller. Enough said!

  21. Derek Anderson Says:

    Look at this. It is a little more sophisticated than your analysis Drew.

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