Flacco, Boller, Smith, Harrington, Bouman, Simms, and a quarterback to be named later

September 01, 2008 |

Finally the worst kept secret in town is out; Joe Flacco will be your starting quarterback on Sunday versus the Bengals.
Here are some highlights from Coach Harbaugh’s meeting with the media:
-On if they have added another quarterback: “no, we are looking at doing that, with our situation, I think we probably have to. We need a backup quarterback for the game, so we are looking at a couple of guys.”
-On Kyle’s condition: “It is a deal where we have to wait a certain amount of time to see what exactly it is. There is some medicine in there that has to take effect. We will probably know by Friday.”
On Troy’s availability –“Troy will not be practicing for a while; he is on antibiotics and different things. He is going to be out until he gets his strength back and that infection gets cleared up.”
-On if Troy and Kyle are ruled out vs Cincy – “Pretty close, we are not ready to do that yet, but pretty close.”
-On if the new quarterback could be here for more than just a week or two –“It is a possibility, you can figure out the scenario where that would be the case.”
On working quarterback’s out– “We worked out three guys today, Chris Simms, Todd Bouman, and Joey Harrington. We also had three receivers you interested to know who those guys are? Na, that is alright”
Here are some other notes from today:
-Coach Harbaugh also mentioned that Willis McGahee practiced today although it was not at 100%.
-News from the Cincinnati Bengals official website is that Willie Anderson will meet with the Ravens on Tuesday.
-So today, we have been discussing, Troy Smith, Joe Flacco, Kyle Boller, Todd Bouman, Joey Harringon, and Chris Simms…..WOW
-Troy Smith looks very tired and weak while talking to him today. You can listen to the audio of his chat with the media.
– One thing I can say about Joe Flacco is that his attitude has not changed one bit, whether is be going from first round draft pick, to opening say starter. As Coach Harbaugh said it earlier, Joe just has this sort of “Joe kind of way” about him. Joe was here in a mostly empty building this weekend watching film.