Flacco calls PED allegations against Lewis “crazy”

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on how the experience at the Super Bowl has been) “It’s been fun. It’s good to kind of get back into a little bit of a normal schedule and get back to preparing for the game and things like that. Yesterday and Monday were a good time to settle in and get ready to go.”


(on if this experience is normal) “No. It’s a little different from our normal schedule, but you have to try to find the things that you would normally do and just take comfort in knowing that you’re going to get to those things at some point. All of the stuff that surrounds the game is so big. The stuff that normally is involved week-to-week is just a lot bigger.”


(on if it feels like a bye week) “I guess it was that way a little bit, a little bit like last week. In a bye week you would actually get away and last week we actually just started our preparation a little bit earlier so that now this week we can come in here and just make shore we really sure up what we do well and get rid of the things we don’t want.”


(on the offense evolving under OC Jim Caldwell) “I think it’s been an evolving thing ever since we played the first game against Cincinnati. I think Jim (Caldwell) has done a great job of taking the reins and adjusting to the situation that he was thrown into. I think we all have responded pretty well. We’re getting better each week and hopefully we can continue that on Sunday.”


(on making a statement during the playoffs) “I don’t know, that’s not really for me to worry about. You guys will talk about all of that stuff and debate it no matter what, so it’s just our job and my job to go out there and play the best we can and leave all that stuff for you guys to kind of debate between.”


(on if the Giants game was a turning point in the season) “I guess you guys can look at it that way, but, listen, we lost three games and one of them wasn’t very good but the other two were pretty close football games that we lost in the last couple of minutes. It wasn’t like we were playing terrible football. So it may look like that, but I think that we had the confidence throughout and we were just getting ready to hit our stride and get healthy.”


(on if beating the Giants was a confidence booster) “I think anytime you win a football game your confidence probably goes up a little bit. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that they were the defending champs or anything like that.”


(on throwing the ball deep) “It’s fun when it works. We have guys that are really making some plays right now. Torrey Smith: he can stretch the field, Jacoby (Jones) and Anquan (Boldin) with his strong hands. We’ve been successful with it and hopefully we can continue to do that.”


(on the 49ers secondary) “They are a physical group of guys. We have to make sure we play with speed and run our routes crisply and make sure that we’re ready to have some contested catches and go up there with strong hands like Anquan (Boldin) is used to. Everybody has to get on board with that and I think if we do that then we’ll have some success.”


(on how to beat the 49ers defense) “I think the biggest thing that will get us off to a good start and be able to challenge those guys will be our offensive line doing a great job protecting and run blocking for our running backs. If they can start off good and kind of set the tone then we’ll be able to do what we want to and get to a little bit of the stuff that we think can throw (San Francisco) off a little bit. If not, it may be a tough day for us, but I think our offensive line has been doing a great job and if they can continue to do that then we’ll do what we want to be able to do.”


(on the changes along the offensive line) “We’ve had guys go down with injury. We’ve had young guys step in there and we wanted to see what they could do. We’ve made changes with that. The group of guys that we have in there right now is playing really well together and I think they’re a really good group. We didn’t make the decision to go with this offensive line until the first game of the playoffs, which is kind of a crazy move in some people’s eyes, but I think these guys have been playing really well together. I think the guys that are up there right now have a lot of talent and it’s a really good line. I think it’s paid off and hopefully they can continue to play the way they have been and I have a lot of confidence in them.”


(on reports about LB Ray Lewis using performance enhancing drugs) “It’s just crazy. I think a lot of people don’t understand what Ray Lewis is all about and, for some reason, people want to go out and try to get him. They put him in a bad light. The bottom line is Ray is a great person and a great person for this league. For somebody to do that and try to put a bad light on someone in this situation is kind of crazy at this point.”


(on whether the reports are distracting) “I don’t think so, no. I think Ray (Lewis) does a great job of handling those kinds of things so there for all of us just kind of take his lead and don’t really worry about it.”


(on making the playoffs every year since he’s been in the league) “It’s pretty cool. It will mean a lot if we can go win this game on Sunday. I think when you talk about winning as quarterbacks in the playoffs, I would think that all of them have Super Bowl victories so that’s really the only one that matters and that’s what we’re trying to get.”