Flacco expects “really physical game” from 49ers

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on a message to the troops overseas) “We appreciate all you do for us and hopefully you have a bunch of Ravens fans over there and we can make you proud.”


(on the connection between his brother and the Harbaugh brothers) “Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. Obviously there is a big connection between John and Jim (Harbaugh). My brother out at Stanford walked on the football team and obviously Jim helped out in that, it’s kind of cool how it’s all coming together.”


(on helping his brother get in to Stanford) “My brother was on the waiting list out there and I just kind of called up and said, ‘Hey, what are his chances of getting in?’ That’s all I did and Jim just took it from there. My brother is a pretty bright kid.”


(on changing the offense up mid-season) “I don’t know. I think our offense gets looked at to the point where we weren’t playing well all season, which is not necessarily the truth. I think we needed a little bit of a spark, I think we were starting to level out maybe a little bit, at least that’s what John (Harbaugh) thought. We had a couple of loses. I think Jim (Caldwell) has done a great job in transitioning and making it as clean as possible and as crisp as possible. I think we’ve gotten back a little bit to our hurry up and I think maybe that’s helped us.”


(on if they are the hottest team) “I don’t know. I think both teams are pretty hot and I think that definitely has merit. It’s not always the team that’s the best all season, it’s the team that endures the most and can get everybody healthy and can get going right at the right time. I think we had a little bit of that with us, I think they have a little bit of that with them also.”


(on the progression of the offense) “We have mostly young guys except for Anquan (Boldin) over there on our side of the ball and going to catch passes. I think it’s an ongoing process and every game is a chance for us to improve and get better at that.”


(on preparing for the Super Bowl) “There’s not many of us on our team that have been through this before and experienced this but we’re a team that’s gone through a lot. We’ve been in a lot of big games. We’ve played a lot of good teams throughout the year, so I think we’ll just draw on that and go out there and try to play  loose football game.”


(on the sendoff in Baltimore) “Oh yeah it was something, it was a lot of fun. It was cool to see how many people in Baltimore showed up and really are in our corner. It also gave you a sense of how cool it would be if we can come down here and do the job the way we expect to. It gave you a sense of how cool it will be when we return.”


(on the fan’s perception of the sendoff) “I think everybody that I talked to was pretty surprised and enjoyed it.”


(on the contribution of Ed Dickson) “It’s big, anytime you can get a tight end that is that athletic and catches the ball well it’s big for your offense because they’re usually lined up on guys that are used to stopping the run and are maybe a little bit of a liability in the pass game. The fact that he is a good runner and catches the ball is definitely a huge thing for our offense.”


(on getting to the Super Bowl) “It feels good and I haven’t spoken to anybody, the bottom line is we’re down here for a job. I think it will feel a lot better once the week is over and we can look back on hopefully what we’ve done and feel good about it. All those other years were kind of in the past. You forget about them and they are what they are, you went as far as you can go. To realize that we finally achieved our goal of being AFC Champions it feels really good and we can taste so we need to go out there and finish the business.”


(on his impression of the 49ers) “They’re impressive. We played them last year and they’re a physical team. It was a really physical game last year when we played against them at our place and I expect more of the same. They can do a lot of things well and we’re going to have to play good together as a unit in order to get the job done.”