Flacco impressed with Kaepernick’s talents at QB position

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on Torrey Smith’s brother passing away) “It was unbelievable the way he’s been able to handle it. Obviously, when I first heard about it, (the team) was unsure if he was going to be able to come back and play in the game. It was completely up to him and his family. The decision that he made was incredible and the way he was able to come out and perform, I think all of our teammates did a great job in helping him out and allowing him to lean on us if he needed to. Once the game started, I really wasn’t too worried about him that night. I was kind of more worried about him once he went home and maybe the reality of everything had kind of sunk in. He’s been a great kid since he’s been here and I can’t see a single person in here handling it as well as he did and kind of turning it in to a positive thing and making the most out of that situation.”


(on contract negotiations) “It’s real simple. We didn’t agree on a number and I didn’t really care to discuss it any further once it got to that point. Bottom line is I’m not the guy going up into their offices and negotiating with them every day anyways. It was really never a concern of mine and never really thought about it. Even in the offseason, when you think about it a little bit, they are really all good thoughts. It’s a good problem to have and to be talking about.”


(on Jim Caldwell) “Jim has been great. He and I have pretty similar personalities and it’s just good going to that room and kind of bounce ideas off of each other and communicate the way we have. I think that’s what leads to playing well on Sundays, is having that communication between you and him and having that communication trickle down through the offense.”


(on the Ravens being known as defensive team) “You don’t get to this point without having a good football team and that’s in all three phases. This team has had such a great defense for many years, such big faces on that side of the ball. That’s what we’re known for. Us guys on the other side, we don’t have any problem with that. We know that in order to win football games we have to go out there and do our job. We’re kind of humble guys on our side of the ball and don’t really care what people say about how we won it. We just need to go out there and do our job and I think that’s what has made us successful.”


(on attending a pre-draft academy before he was drafted) “It’s one of those things that are kind of a necessity these days. When you go to the combine you need to make sure you impress as many people as you can. It was a good opportunity to go out there and get good work in and hang out with a bunch of guys that are going through a similar process as you were. It definitely prepares you for that type of a situation in terms of the interviews and just all types of the physical things you have to do in order to prepare for that day.”


(on seeing people wearing his jersey) “Five years in and it’s still a little weird to see that. I don’t know if you ever get used to it but it’s definitely a good thing. It means that we’re still playing and people are excited about what we’re doing in Baltimore. I don’t really know any other football communities besides really Baltimore and Philadelphia, because I grew up around there. Philadelphia is very passionate about their sports and Baltimore is unbelievable. I think if you spend any time around those people, football, it’s everything there. It was pretty cool just to see that and see people wearing everybody’s jerseys. Before we came here, we had a little sendoff out in the city and the amount of people that turned up just to support us was unreal.”


(on how his calm demeanor benefits him as a quarterback) “I have no idea. It’s just who I am. It helps. In those situations you have to just rely on who you are and think about the basics. I don’t really know if your demeanor off the field impacts that but it may. I think the biggest thing that you need in order to be successful in this situation is just think about the basics. So I don’t know if it’s the demeanor or just not trying to do too much in those kinds of situations.”



(on Colin Kaepernick) “He’s been impressive. He’s a good athlete. When they drop back and throw the ball he’s been on the money. Obviously his team is in the Super Bowl and he’s done a great job. It will be interesting to see in the years to come how much those guys transition from being fifty-fifty in that type of run-pass game to a little bit more of a pass option. I’m sure they will probably transition a little bit more to that so they don’t get beat up quite as much. He’s done a great job and he has that athleticism and he has the arm strength, so I’m sure he’s going to be successful for a while.”


(on if he’s ever considered wearing a glove on his throwing hand) “No. You know what, I haven’t practiced with one. I’ve always been a person, whether it was holding a baseball bat or throwing a football, I like to feel it. I like to have that sense that I have my hand on the ball. I’m sure I could get used to throwing with a glove, but there’s never been a situation that has come up where I felt like I needed to, so I just haven’t ever entertained the thought of it.”


(on if he considered wearing a glove in the Denver playoff game) “I didn’t think about it all week because I wasn’t in the zero-degree weather so I wasn’t going to put a glove on all week in practice. I think that kind of would have been a distraction almost. We went out in pregame and everything was good. You have the hand warmer around your waist and all that. I think it’s just part of the elements and you get used to it. When you’re running around on the field you don’t really feel it too much, it’s only when you’re on the sidelines sitting on the benches that you’re complaining about it.”