Flacco not shocked to be Super Bowl MVP but surprised to receive car

February 04, 2013 | WNST Audio


Super Bowl XLVII MVP News Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana – February 4, 2013


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Opening Statement:

“Good morning. Obviously, we had a fantastic Super Bowl, a thrill for the game. It looks like our fans were also (thrilled). Early indications appear that it will be the third consecutive year, the most-watched television show in history. So congratulations to obviously the Ravens. To New Orleans, an absolutely spectacular job hosting the Super Bowl. The people here, the officials, just did a fantastic job, and we’re deeply grateful for everything. They were fantastic, could not have done a better job. Obviously, the power outage was an unfortunate incident, which we’re looking into to try to get the facts. There were no safety issues at any point in time. The (Super)dome personnel did an outstanding job of soothing our fans, our personnel, our teams. I think everyone stayed calm as they worked through the issues. Obviously, you all know it was about 34 minutes. But there were no injuries, to my knowledge; maybe one minor injury on an escalator that stopped during the blackout. But we will have to get the facts. We have a few people here, and we can address that after we get done with the key issues of this morning.


“We’re here to recognize the MVP. The performance for the entire postseason was an extraordinary performance. Joe Flacco played just a fantastic postseason – 11 touchdowns in the postseason, zero interceptions and obviously a Super Bowl victory, just a great performance. He was unflappable, and (he) just brought his team to a Super Bowl level. His play represented that all the way through, so (here is) Joe Flacco.”


(on if he has gotten any sleep, and if winning has sunk in yet)

“I got about an hour and a half. I’m pretty tired right now. No, it hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s just a surreal moment, and hopefully in about a week we can wind down and start to enjoy it a little bit.”


(on the joke that he will bang on Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti’s desk)

“I don’t really know. Me and Steve had some good talks over the last few months, and it’s just nice to go in and have conversations with him, whatever they may be. I was just kind of making a little joke.”


(on what the next couple of days will be like for him)

“I don’t know. Any tips? You guys know better than I do, probably. I’ve never been through this before. I anticipate not getting very much (sleep), but it’s all for good reason. It was an unbelievable game last night, and it was just awesome to be a part of it.”


(on if he was shocked to be MVP)

“I don’t know if I was shocked. It’s just kind of one of those things where they come up to you and tell you pretty quickly. I was shocked that I got a car.”


(on if there was a particular throw in this game that defined his night)

“I think there were a handful of plays throughout the game that had a really big impact. I remember getting hit by Aldon Smith and hitting Dennis (Pitta) on the left side. I remember sticking one down the edge inside the 5-yard line. However, I think the biggest one would just be the catch by Anquan (Boldin) on that third and short to continue the drive and end up getting us some points.”


(on if real life returned very quickly for him)

“No doubt about it. That’s what it’s all about. I haven’t seen my son in a couple days, so it was just cool to see him. It’s great to enjoy this with the family. Without those guys, this wouldn’t mean near as much as it does.”


(on the last two months and if he imagined that the team would be here now considering all they went through)

“No doubt about it. I don’t think we ever lost faith that this was where we were going to be. This has been a long journey, and I don’t think it would be quite as enjoyable as it would be if we hadn’t gone through all this stuff that we’ve been through in the last couple years, this year. So, I think we kept the faith all along, and this is where we envisioned ourselves and I think that’s why we’re here.”


(on if he’s comfortable with the level of celebrity that comes along with winning MVP)

“Hey, if you say there’s going to be some kind of celebrity with it, I’m cool with that, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable with it. I kind of like to go about my business. The people in Baltimore have always been great, so it’ll be cool to go back there and just kind of see their reaction that our whole team gets when we get back there.”


(on having another baby)

“Yes, my wife found out a couple weeks ago. It’s one of those things where she’s not very far along, but last year when we played the 49ers, we told my whole family right after the game on Thanksgiving. It just happened to work out this way again, so it’s kind of a good luck thing, I think.”


(on if he wants to play the 49ers again in regard to his wife getting pregnant)

“I don’t know. I might have too many kids. I don’t know how to handle one of them. My wife’s done all that, so two is going to be a little crazy. So, I don’t know if I want to play them anymore.”


(on if there was a moment after the game yesterday that signaled to him what he had just accomplished and if he took particular interest in seeing how someone else on the team reacted to the win)

“I don’t know, I think everybody was just having an awesome time. I went and spent some time with the family and then we went to our post-game party. I got to meet Jay-Z, I got to meet Beyoncé, and that was pretty cool. I don’t think that would happen if we would’ve lost the game. Just laying in bed, I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to put my head down on that pillow, and for some reason, when I was laying there I couldn’t quite fall asleep and just kind of had my eyes open in disbelief a little bit.”


(on how the week was overall)

“It was an awesome week. The city did a great job. It was awesome to be here. We got to enjoy a little bit of it early in the week, then kind of get down to business as the week went on. We were definitely here for a long time. It’s a little unusual to be in an away hotel as long as we are because we’re so used to being in and out of the city. Like I said, New Orleans did an unbelievable job. It was great to be here.”


(on how he compares as a player now and after he was lying face down after a pick-six against Denver earlier this season)

“I’m pretty much the same. I’ve been pretty much the same guy all along. I think, obviously, as you get guys around and you mature a little bit, you become better and better and that’s the only way to stay on top of your game is to continuously get better. But, that was just one of those games that didn’t go our way. I wasn’t laying on the ground because I was pissed I threw a pick. I was laying on the ground because I just ran 100 yards trying to run down a guy that’s way faster than me. I didn’t get him. I was close, but couldn’t quite get him. It was just one of those things and it may look like a turning point, but I think our team is playing pretty well, even during that stretch when we lost some of those games, and sometimes they get blown out of proportion.”


(on if he feels differently when he plays in the postseason compared to any other point in his career)

“I’ll tell you what, our offensive line has played very well since I’ve been here, but the last four games have just been unbelievable. The way they’ve been able to protect and give me the time back there and let our guys actually go to work and get open. No credit usually goes to those guys, but they’re the reason that I’m standing here today and that we are Super Bowl champs. They played unbelievable, and everybody else just kind of rallied around them and went and got one.”


(on how optimistic he is about receiving a long-term contract with Baltimore)

“I’m pretty optimistic, but who knows. There’s all kinds of crazy things that can happen with these contracts that we’ve all seen before, but this is a great organization. I love being (in Baltimore), great city, so I don’t really anticipate any problems.”


(on walking around the French Quarter and visiting Café Du Monde the day before the game)

“You know, the city was crazy on Saturday. Didn’t really want to leave the hotel, but at the same time it’s a Saturday. You have to get out and do something. I didn’t want to just stay pent up in the hotel, basically, so me and my wife took a cab over there. I really just wanted to try those beignets, or however you say it, which were unbelievable by the way. It took us about a half hour. They were great. They got our order right away and we got out of there and took one of those bicycles home. So, it was just pretty cool. Just one of those things that I wanted to kind of go about my Saturday just like I always would and especially if I was home and go home and relax. The preparation was kind of all over at that point and just wanted to relax the mind before the game.”


(on his message for youth to be better role models and the involvement of Sandy Hook children yesterday)

“The biggest thing is the influence at home. Listen to your parents; they’ve been through a lot. They know what’s best for you. Most parents have your best interest at heart and understand how to raise you the right way and bring you up in this world the right way. They want to protect you. I think that’s the biggest thing. If you listen to them, you’re going to grow up pretty well and have a pretty good life. Do that and chase your dreams. Be confident and believe in yourself. None of us get to this point without having confidence in ourselves, and I think that was one of the biggest things instilled in me as a young kid was just that belief in you. I think that goes a really, really long way.”


(on regaining their focus offensively after the lights came back on)

“It’s just one of those things where we got sacked on the third down, and they got a good punt return. The next thing we know, we may have had what could have been a good drive, you never know, because we turned the ball over. After that, we got to going pretty well. I don’t think it has anything to do with the lights. I think we made some mistakes mentally. I think their offense started to catch fire a little bit, which they’re very capable of doing. Having said that, I think we did a great job of handling that momentum shift a little bit and putting points on the board when we needed to.”