Flacco, Ravens getting close to that “homer” tag they’d like to avoid…

October 21, 2012 | Drew Forrester

There’s a policy in the NFL that all teams get a 10-minute “cooling off period” before the media is allowed to enter the locker room following a game.

Today, in the aftermath of the shellacking in Houston, I gave myself a two-hour grace period before sitting down to opine on what we all witnessed at Reliant Stadium.

Strangely, my opinion hasn’t changed much since 4:15 pm.

The Ravens appear as if they’ve become “homers”.

You know the story by now.  They’ve won 14 straight games at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

They can’t break an egg on the road.

But they sure can lay one.

I saw a lot of armchair coaches pointing the finger at Joe Flacco and the offense on Sunday as the Texans piled on the points in that 43-13 beatdown.

And I observed gobs of folks blaming the Baltimore defense for “not being able to stop anyone” as Houston controlled the ball and the game for the final 53 minutes.

Here’s the truth.

On the road, the offense isn’t very good.  Remember last week against Dallas?  They put up 31 points in a 2-point win over the Cowboys.  There was that 31 point effort at home against New England and the 44-pointer over the Bengals on September 10.

At home, the Ravens offense is alive and creative and mobile, not to mention efficient both on the ground and in the air.

On the road, they have as much energy as a hammock. They don’t do anything well.

The rest of the truth?

The defense isn’t very good, home or away, but Sunday in Houston it was pretty much a disaster throughout the afternoon as the Texans picked them apart in the air and ran through them on the ground.

If you’re of the mindset that “someone” has to get the blame, go ahead and blame away.

Cam Cameron absolutely deserves to be criticized.  At home, he puts together a game plan that helps garner points and win games.  On the road, his game-plan mostly brings snickers and f-bombs from those of us who don’t cover our eyes when the Ravens go on offense.

There was a point mid-way through the 4th quarter on Sunday when the Ravens were faced with 3rd and 3 and they were in four-down territory, trailing 36-10.  The third down play was a pass.  As was the fourth down play.  The Ravens were saved by a questionable pass interference call that extended the drive, but you get the point.  Looking at 3rd and 3 and knowing his offense was in a four-down situation, Cameron elected to pass on 3rd down.  Why not run there?  If you only pick up one or two yards, you run again on 4th down to get the first down.  If you can’t pick up three yards on two running plays in the NFL, you – as the coordinator of that sorry group – and your offensive line and running back shouldn’t get a meal or refreshments on the plane flight home.

Joe Flacco is going to get the hot-seat treatment this week from fans and media and let’s be fair, he deserves it.  He had the ball in his hand and the game in the balance in week #2 at Philly and couldn’t do anything.  Under his direction, the Ravens offense managed three measly field goals in a sleepy 9-6 win at Kansas City three weeks ago.  At home, he’s been spectacular at times.  On the road, he’s looked like a 15-handicapper playing against Tiger Woods.  There were also some lackluster offensive efforts last season in Jacksonville and Seattle, but in all fairness to the quarterback, last year is last year.  I’m only worried about this season.  And so far, in three away games, the offense and the quarterback of John Harbaugh’s team have been borderline woeful.

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  1. Phil Says:

    Every team has a few stars…some have one or two more then most teams. I see a pretty big difference in the level of talent of our non-star players and the other teams around the league. Why? In my opinion it is due to poor drafting…to paraphrase Cal…”Sorry Oz”

  2. tsnamm Says:

    The Ravens received a horrific beating… they wouldn’t have been competitive in Baltimore or the moon or any other location today.Houston is simply a much better team. The off season free agent losses on the defensive side of the ball have had a much bigger impact than anyone thought back during the spring. The players supposed to fill those spots have failed miserably to do the job. This defense hasn’t been “good” all season, record not withstanding. The offense under Joe Flacco now has the burden of carrying this team to the playoffs, and it doesn’t look like they’re up to the task.I thought I was watching a volleyball game with all the tipped passes for INT’s and incompletions. I’m sure Harb’s will be especially persnickety and thin skinned at his press conference tomorrow as the questions are asked about what happened. I can’t imagine a guy who is so defensive about criticism actually worked in Philly of all places… I guess Andy Reid must have kept the media at arms length from him. Suggs looked no worse for wear coming back from his injury, but I doubt he can make up for all the holes this D has. There is still time to get things back on track, but they will have to get the back ups to start performing, otherwise we might not even make the playoffs this season.

  3. Tim Says:

    This loss hurts, but maybe I was expecting this sort of beat down in Houston given the way the Texans lost last week and the Ravens beat them last year in the playoffs, and most importantly, were tied for the best record in the AFC. I don’t think either team is as extreme as the games showed, (I wasn’t able to watch it), but I think it is a bad matchup for the Ravens/great matchup for the Texans. The Ravens have holes, but I think are still capable of making the playoffs, but that is about as far as they go this year. The good thing from this loss is that it only counts as 1 in the record books and a winning streak can minimize the collateral damage. It’s always better to learn lessons after a win, but since that option is today I hope that over this bye week the offense becomes “elite”.

  4. Frank Says:

    EVERYONE settle down! We have holes to fill just like everyone else. This game became a very bad “spot” when the Texans lost to Green Bay. Bottom line – we are 5-2, in first place, we dont lose after a loss – let alone a bye week! And we have the Browns and Raiders in our next two games. Go to Pittsburgh at 7-2 and we control our own destiny. Everyone remember – like Drew says…. “the other team is trying also”!

  5. Unitastoberry Says:

    I expect alot more from the offense. The defense was suspect right from the first preseason game. The Texans wanted this game for payback from the playoff loss too.

  6. Dan Says:

    Don’t worry , It’s very early in the season and when this offensive “jugger Not” gets rollin with our running game and elite Quaterback every thing will be fine and we will again be in the playoffs . Yesterday was pretty bad though , even the Refs couldn’t keep it close for the TV viewers . :(

  7. Dan Says:

    When was the last time we drafted an impact player defensively? L. Webb? and how long ago was that? We all tend to critize the players and the coaches from time to time, which is normal, however in B’more we seem to glorify our front office and give them a free pass all the time. Maybe it’s time to question ” In Ozzie we trust”
    Maybe our scouting department is in need of some adjustments?

  8. The Armchair QB Says:

    As commented elsewhere, this offense has been stereotyped the past 4 plus years by inconstency! And, in my opinion, that’s not going to change until there is a change in coordinators……..

  9. justafan Says:

    It’s true that the defense has been disappointing to say the least. However, what else would you expect when they are on the field almost twice as long as the offense. It seems that the offense rarely is on the field much more than twenty minutes in several recent games. Part of the reason for this is that under the no-huddle offense, Joe Flacco and/or Cam Cameron have become so pass-happy they seem to have ignored the running game. We all know that Ray Rice is one of the best running backs in the league. Bernard Pierce is no slouch either. Why not use them? A balanced attack would yield better results and would certainly aid in keeping the defense off the field a little longer. Maybe the no-huddle offense is not all that is cracked up to be!

  10. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    The last time I checked, the SUPER BOWL is a away game, good luck with that RAVENS !!!

  11. dave hittinger Says:

    Not sure where I’d start to fix the Ravens? Defense is incredibly soft, has Ed Reed made a tackle this year? He does look good though gliding in ever so smoothly after the play is over. On offense, poor Joe just looks slow in everything he does. Dropping back, or evading even the slightest rush…makes you wonder about being that elite QB. And no pass rush, not even a whiff makes it impossible to be competitive on D.

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