Floyd stays in San Diego

August 05, 2011 | Mitchell Toland

Floyd stays put

Free agent WR Malcom Floyd has signed a two year contract to stay with the San Diego Chargers.  Reports have come out that the rumors of him being close to singing with the Ravens were incorrect.  Apparently he was interested but it was never that close.

This is a major let down for the Ravens and their fans.  Floyd would have brought a dimension to the offense not seen since the early Todd Heap years.  He would have been a legitimate deep threat at 6’5 and would have been a great red zone threat.

The Ravens have to go back to the drawing board now and see what is out there.  Would Randy Moss play for a season at $3 million?  Would we even want him?  I think the Ravens strong front office and locker room could handle a guy like Moss but I’m not sure if I would want him.

For those of you crying to get Derrick Mason back now, let’s not forget he is the same receiver as Boldin only older and slower.  Resigning Mason would allow teams to move up the safeties and compress the field on Joe Flacco.  The free agent market now looks thin at wide receiver.  The Ravens can look at Cotchery, Steve Smith, Moss (I’m not buying the retirement), Owens & Houshmandzadeh, Chris Chambers, Mark Clayton, Dwayne Jarret, and Mason among others.

I just don’t think Mason adds a dimension to this team that will really help us.  As I have said before, I believe Joe will develop more this year than he would have with Mason on the team.  Time will only tell what the Ravens will do now but it sure will be interesting.