Floyd wants to be a Raven? Really?

August 05, 2011 | Mitchell Toland

Malcom Floyd leaping catch (We could use this A LOT)

There are reports out today that Malcom Floyd, “wants to be a Raven.”  This was first reported at the Baltimore Sun.  The last time I checked if I wanted to play for a team and they had offered me a more than fair contract, I would sign with the damn team.

I hope Malcom Floyd does sign the contract and become a Raven like he apparently desires.  Him signing would solidify Boldin as a true number one.  Floyd may not have gaudy numbers throughout his career but IF he is able to stay healthy, and that’s a big IF, than he is a big receiver at 6’5 and has great leaping ability.  Despite not having great speed he is more than able to stretch the field averaging over 17 yards per catch over the course of his career.  His signing would allow Boldin to work over the middle and be the dangerous threat in that area of the field that he has been throughout his career.

To me this would place Doss out of the starting lineup.  I think we would likely go with a Floyd, Boldin, Smith receiving core when we have 3 on the field.  We would have Boldin over the middle, Smith to be the burner, and Floyd to come up with those 17 yard catches moving the chains with the routes run between Smith and Boldin.

It’s estimated that the Ravens are $3,558,000 under the cap.  Offering Floyd $3 million of that leaves us with only the $558,000 so if we want to address our backup quarterback situation and the o-line than we will either have to cut someone or multiple players or restructure Ngata’s contract. I am pretty frustrated with the fact that we haven’t extended Ngata as Ozzie and company had an entire off-season to think up a deal.  The Steelers saved about $3.5 million by extending Lamar Woodley today.  If the Ravens could extend Ngata and free up some money similar to that we would be in a much better position to address our needs.

I’m hoping by the time I leave work today Malcom Floyd is a Raven.  When I get here Monday, I’m hoping Ngata is extended and we have signed a backup quarterback and an offensive lineman.  Oh, and for those of you getting pissed off at Mason for visiting the Jets, we RELEASED him.  He has every right to go visit the Jets; he has a right to make a living.  Mason is still a good player but he is the same receiver as Boldin just older and slower.  I honestly believe Joe will develop more as a quarterback without Mason as a comfort blanket.

Here’s to hoping the Ravens get Floyd and can get Ngata resigned.  Thank god for the Ravens.