Focused on Dolphins

January 01, 2009 |

The mindset here today is that the Ravens are focused on going to beat the Miami Dolphins and have no interest in talking about anything other than that.

Head coaches in waiting

Both Cam Cameron and Rex Ryan were asked about wanting to become head coaches, and both of them basically summed it up as they are not interested in talking about that right now, because their focus is on beating the Dolphins.

Ready for the Wildcat

The Ravens have spent about 10 minutes extra after practice everyday this week preparing for the wildcat offense. Rex Ryan said that he is glad that the Dolphins pulled out the wildcat in week one against the Patriots so that they could be better prepared. It also helps that the Ravens run the wildcat and perhaps have the most dynamic element in running it with having a quarterback come in to run it.

Interesting interview

Be sure to tune in Saturday to the Miller Lite Ravens Football Show from 11a.m. – 1p.m., for a pretty interesting interview with Ravens rookie Tom Zbikowski. Zbikowski talked about playing with the Ravens, being in the playoffs, playing with and watching Brendon Ayanbadejo as a special teams leader, and what it has been like being in the city of Baltimore.