Former Raven Hauschka goes from undrafted rookie to Super Bowl kicker

January 28, 2014 | WNST Staff



(on if head coach Pete Carroll trusts him) “We always want to be in a position to succeed. Even though I could make that kick (in the NFC Championship), sometimes you just go off your gut instinct.”

(on if selfishness entered the decision to kick the NFC Championship field goal) “I’m not sure about that. I wasn’t thinking about that being selfish or unselfish. It was just the right decision to make at the time.”

(on if he would be more inclined to kick it in the Super Bowl) “No, it just depends on the situation and how I am feeling. How the wind is at that moment. I’m more in-tune with the wind than all of the fans, all of the media and all of the coaches, generally. I have a good idea of when I do want to kick and when I don’t want to kick. When it comes down to a toss-up like that, I’ll share my opinion with (Head) Coach (Pete Carroll) and then we’ll make a decision.”

(on if his background in neuroscience garners trust from Pete Carroll) “I never knew it would be such a good deal. I just thought it was the right decision for our team. Not that it is my call as a player, but I did want to weigh in on how I thought the wind was affecting that kick. In doing that, that probably did help the team.”

(on if he has reached out to Giants or Jets specialists about kicking at Metlife Stadium) “I’m going to reach out to (Giants P) Steve Weatherford this week. I have a pretty good idea of what is going on in there. I have played a couple of games there. We’ll get a practice in there on Wednesday. I’m not too worried about it.”

(on being an undrafted free agent and on how special this moment is for him) “It’s super cool. I’ll probably have a moment of realization after the season where it is like, ‘Wow, that was cool.’ But for right now, we are seriously just trying to focus as much as we can on the game. We are trying to enjoy it all, but at the same time, stick with your routines that you have been doing all season long. When you stick to your routine, then it puts your mind in a place to succeed.”

(on if he has any special preparation for this weekend) “No, the special thing is fighting human nature, because human nature makes you want to try harder. It makes you want to give a little bit extra. So, for us, we are trying to fight that and just keep everything normal like it is another game.”

(on playing together with Matt Prater in Denver) “It’s pretty cool. Matt is a great kicker. We’re friends off the field, the same with (P) Britton Colquitt. I spent about six to eight months on the Broncos and got to know both of them. I like the organization and I like both of them.”

(on the spotlight and potential for a kick to win the Super Bowl) “I’m just trying to treat it like another game. Kickers can always decide a game, whether it’s a preseason or a regular season game. I’m not going to do anything different. It sounds crazy, but I’m going to try to do the same thing that I do in a preseason game or a regular season game because that’s the mentality it takes.”

(on if there is any trash talking between him and Matt Prater and Britton Colquitt) “It hasn’t gotten to that point. We’re all good friends and both sides are happy someone is going to hold the Lombardi Trophy, at the end of the day. We’re all friends and we all like each other.”

(on the possibility of being the Super Bowl MVP) “It’s always a possibility. It’s not a goal by any means. I just want to have a good solid performance.”

(on if he has had a chance to enjoy New York since he arrived) “I grew up in Boston and have seen a lot of the sights here, just visiting since I was in high school. Not too much sightseeing, but a lot of my high school friends and college friends live here and work here. I went to dinner with them last night.”

(on thinking about going to dental school) “My mom was a dentist. My brother was a dentist. It just kind of seemed like a good career path. I was taking pre-med classes and ended up getting into dental school. Then there was a period where I was at NC State, and I was interviewing at dental schools, got into them, and I had to decide whether I was going to go to dental school next year or am I going to try to play in the NFL. It was pretty crazy, but I obviously chose the NFL.”

(on what his Mom and brother said about his decision) “They were proud. They were encouraging. They said (I) could always come back to dental school.”

(on his hard work in college taking premed courses and playing football) “You work hard there. You really learn how to manage your time. There’s no one pushing you along, helping you out. You have to do it all yourself. I’m fortunate to have grown up with that work ethic. I enjoyed my time there.”

(on if there is a difference between football intelligence and academic intelligence) “Yes. My first couple of years, I definitely over-analyzed things, maybe tried a little too hard with my mind, try to make up for some other things. I’ve learned now that the key now is to analyze these things but then you have to shut it off mentally. At the end of the day, athletes don’t analyze, they just go off their instincts and their trusts. That’s what I have learned.”

(on Seattle not having a championship team is almost 35 years and on how it feels to be so close) “The city is dying for it. You could feel it when we left to go to the airport and we had 30 minutes straight of fans lined up. They are hungry for a championship. They lost their Supersonics and they are hoping their Seahawks can pull it out.”

(on if he has ever played soccer) “Yes, I played soccer my whole life up until my sophomore year of college.”