From passing camp

May 28, 2008 |

Here are a couple of quick observations from passing camp today:
          I continue to be impressed by the play of Troy Smith. I have felt for a while that he will be the starter for this team when the season starts. Troy was not 100% perfect, but he was very accurate and threw a couple of very impressive passes. I spoke with a couple of offensive players who said he is in such control of the huddle and learning the offense so quick.
          Willis McGahee was at the first volunteer camp of the season, which I think is a good thing for the Ravens. Willis looked good while working out today, and made some nice catches and runs out of the backfield. I think this could be a big year for Willis with the Ravens this year.
          Edgar Jones looked impressive to me while he played tight end for the Ravens today. Edgar was a tight end in high school and volunteered to run some routes at tight end for the team. Todd Heap took a huge amount of snaps today as there continues to be no depth at the tight end position with Dan Wilcox likely out till after the start of training camp, and Quinn Sypniewski done for the year. Xavier Lee will also get a look at tight end also.
          A couple of the Ravens have gotten new numbers. Tom Zbikowski is now wearing # 25 while Xavier Lee is wearing #82.
          Mark Clayton looked good at practice today, and it is good to see Mark running around healthy again on the football field.
          A lot of the Ravens were taking a fishing trip this afternoon as a team to do some bonding. This is a yearly event and usually spear headed by Kelly Gregg and Jarrett Johnson.
          Speaking of Jarrett Johnson, we were talking about the O’s-Yankees game today. I have seen Jarrett a couple of times here at Orioles games before. Jarrett told me that he is friends with Lance Cormier of the Orioles and wanted to see Lance pitch a little more last night.
          Interesting how O’s and Ravens players are friends. Kevin Millar and Kyle Boller are friends, Mark Clayton and Brian Roberts worked out at the same place in Arizona, and now Jarrett and Lance are friends.
          Pretty cool to see John Harbaugh meet Lenny Moore today after practice. Lenny went up to John and introduced himself to him and you could almost see the respect that Coach Harbaugh has for Lenny Moore. The Ravens do a great thing by staying connected to the Lenny Moore’s of the world, and even guys from the past Ravens teams. Often you will see Kyle Richardson, Spencer Folau, Brad Jackson, Michael McCrary, and many others walking the halls in Owings Mills.