Gore admires toughness of fellow SB back Rice

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on the year he was at the NFL combine, his thoughts on not receiving as much attention as other running backs) “I didn’t care about that. I was just worrying about whoever asked questions, to say the right things and impress the teams who were in there.”


(on what he remembers about the game against Ohio State when he was hurt) “That year, when I got hurt, I was on the scout team because I was just coming back from my injury, so I was cleared to practice. I just was working. Me and [Ohio State running back Maurice] Clarett, the year we played Ohio State, I felt I was probably better [than] Clarett.”


(on how many surgeries he has had) “Four. Two knees and two shoulder surgeries.”


(on what makes him fight through injuries) “I love what I do. I feel that God blessed me with talent in football, and I love doing it.”


(on the faith, character, and leadership of the team this season) “Just being a leader – you have me, Pat [Willis], Vernon [Davis], Justin [Smith], Alex [Smith], Dashon [Goldson] – we just fight for each other. On this team, nobody [is] selfish. We got so many weapons that it could be anybody’s week. Whoever’s week it is, we just get behind him and just fight for each other.”


(on how being one step away last year helped the team win the NFC Championship this year) “It helped a lot. Knowing last year, it hurt. We didn’t get where we wanted to go, but when we got the opportunity to get back in the tournament, we looked at each other and told each other that we [have] got to walk in the door this year. And we did.”


(on what word best describes what this team is accomplishing) “Finish. We finish, and last year we didn’t finish. So we say we have to finish this year.”


(on how they are going to attack the Ravens’ defense) “They have a physical defense, but we also have a physical offense. We’re just going to keep chipping away, do whatever it takes, like we did all year to get where we’re at. [We have to] take those three to four to five [opportunities] – when we get opportunities to make big plays, we’re going to make them.”


(on if there’s anything they’re going to change between today and the Super Bowl)  “It’s going to be us. We got us in, it’s going to be us.”


(on how there doesn’t seem to be one player on the team that is concerned about being “the man”) “Coaches telling us if we want to go where we want to go, [we have] just got to be one. That’s what got us here at this point. Nobody [is] selfish. Whoever’s week it is, we’re going to fight for that guy. It could be Crab’s [Michael Crabtree’s] week, it could be my week, Vernon [Davis] – we’re all before each other. We all about winning, and I feel that if you want to get to a Super Bowl, that’s what you’ve got to do.”


(on what makes them different from other teams) “We went through so much, we went through so much. We got a lot of guys on this team [who] made the Pro Bowl, made All Pro, and we feel that it was everybody working together as one, and that will come, and we’ll get to the level where we’re at.”


(on what he thinks when he looks at the endzone from where he’s sitting) “I love it, I love it. Our logo, and in the last game of the season, the Super Bowl, I love it.”


(on what it was like to play with so many talented running backs at the University of Miami) “It was fun, competitive, but you had to be ready. Just pushing each other every day, helping each other. And our coach was one of the best for everyone one of us as we got a start. We got it done to make sure we got to the level we were at.”


(on why he decided on the University of Miami considering the running backs already there) “I just love competition. Coach CJ [Curtis Johnson], the receivers coach for the Saints, he told me if I wanted to be the best, why not play with the best?”


(on his late mother) “I love her. She was a hard worker, and she did everything to make sure her kids [were] satisfied, and she was a smart woman.”


(on how often he thinks about her) “Every day. Every day.”


(on what it was like when he found out that she had passed) “I couldn’t believe it. It was a like a dream, like a bad dream. It was a tough, man.”


(on when he scores a touchdown and points to the sky) “I point at her – that’s for her.”


(on what he is looking forward to the most from this week, besides the game) “Just coming out, getting New Orleans’ great food, and just relaxing.”


(on what it is about the team that has changed from the past six years to the last two)  “We’re one. We all for each other, we do whatever it takes to get a win, whether it’s throwing the ball, running the ball, kicking field goals, it don’t matter. We just want to win.”


(on Ray Rice) “I love Ray Rice, I love his game. He’s very tough, he can do anything. He can catch, run, block. I like that he’s a small guy. He’s tough.”


(on if he takes a lot of pride in his blocking) “I do. Just comes up from my high school coach. I had to block then, in high school, and then going to the University of Miami, my coach told me if I couldn’t block, I couldn’t play. Coming here, Coach Rathman, that’s all he thinks about is blocking. He told me, ‘If you can block, you can play in this league a long time.’ When you look around, a lot of guys can’t do it at the position.”


(on when the last time was that he went back home) “I go home every offseason. After we have our parade, I’ll go back.”


(on how close the Madden Super Bowl simulation, which has him running for 101 yards and two touchdowns, will be to his actual performance) “I’m going to try. I hope. That’d be a good day for me. And a win – that’d be an excellent day.”


(on what the neighborhood was like where he grew up) “It was tough. Small neighborhood, rough neighborhood. A lot of good people, a lot of guys who I feel like could have been in the NFL but went down the wrong path. I love my neighborhood.”


(on why he didn’t go down the wrong path) “Just looking at the guys who confronted me, they felt like probably they [were] better than me. I just said if I want to get to this level, I have to do the opposite of what they did.”


(on how his mother came to raising a lot of different kids in one house) “My mom had to take care of her sister’s kids, my brother, and that’s how it happened. It was tough, it was tough. Sometimes you don’t know if you don’t get the bed, [if] you have to go on the floor or the mat. It was tough, but my mom, we got through it, and it helped me make the person [I am] today.”