Harbaugh gives lock of week, Suggs and Reed win award, Flacco speaks out

December 23, 2008 |

-Coach Harbaugh gave his lock of the week for this week,”New England is going to win a football game. We know that. Everybody knows that. So we’re going out there to win our football game. That’s what we need to take care of, and we don’t need anybody else to get us in the playoffs. That’s our job to take care of that.”

He was then asked if the Patriots were the lock of the week, “the lock of the week. Book it.”


The media that cover the team on a daily basis, submitted their votes for team MVP and media good guy awards. The media good guy award goes to the player who is always media friendly and provides good quotes. After a couple of years of campaigning for the award, Terrell Suggs walked away with that title this year. For winning Suggs received a roll of Bounty paper towels. The year that Bart Scott won, he received a bottle of hot sauce.

Ed Reed ran away with the MVP award as he received 12 of the 17 votes. Ray Lewis received two votes while Joe Flacco, LeRon McClain, and Derrick Mason, all got one vote.

– The Ravens will be doing some scoreboard watching leading into their game on Sunday while the Bills and Patriots play their game. The Ravens mindset here is that they have to focus on beating the Jaquars and not get worried about what the Patriots are doing. However, I think it is safe to assume that once they find out if the Patriots have lost, they will pull some guys out of the game.

-I asked Joe Flacco today if the Jaguars can use trying to upset the Ravens playoff chances as motivation for going into the game. Here is Joe’s response,”yea, for about the first quarter, but as long as we come out and play like we want to and let them know that we came here to play. Hopefully we can do that and let them know that they have no business coming to Baltimore and trying to ruin our chances.”

-Derrick Mason is dealing with issues in his shoulder involving the muscles now more than anything else. Derrick said he will see how the week goes, but is feeling a lot better than he was on Monday. He is hoping things will progress and he will be ready for Sunday. As far as sitting out a game, he said that if he is healthy he will play, if he can not play he will not be out there.

-Terrell Suggs pointed out that this week for the Jaguars is the first week of their new season. He said the Jags winning the game would be a great way for them to get their new season off to a good start.