Highlights of Coach Harbaugh’s press conference

September 08, 2008 |

Coach Harbaugh wrapped up his first Monday regular season press conference. Here are some news and notes from today:
All though Coach Harbaugh hinted yesterday that he was non committal to who his starting quarterback will be on Sunday, today he said it is Joe Flacco. He said yesterday that he meant for the entire season.
No new news on the injury front. Coach Harbaugh said that he will know more as the week goes on. Cory Ivy was in the locker room and said he fully expects to play on Sunday.
Willie Anderson will play on Sunday, but Coach Harbaugh was not willing to say in what role or how much.
Coach Harbaugh gave a lot of praise to the job that Coach Rex Ryan, Coach Cameron, and Coach Rosburg, did in game planning.
Coach Harbaugh also spoke highly of Todd Heap and the job that he did blocking yesterday.
Coach Harbaugh said the fans were unbelievable yesterday and that it was very hard to hear down on the field, for the coaches, players, and everyone, but it was a good thing.
The players dumped two Gatorade jugs on Coach Harbaugh at the end of the game. He said to him, that was the team accepting him as a member of the Ravens.
Coach Harbaugh said that the two early sacks on Carson Palmer were huge, but the hits he took later in the game were also a big part of that. He also talked about the job that the back end of the defense did in covering and not allowing anything to come open.