“I don’t care what you say…the Ravens aren’t losing at home to the Patriots.” (Yes, they are)

September 21, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Talk about a chance to kill two birds with one stone.

The Ravens not only get an opportunity to atone for last week’s final five minutes of embarrassment in Philadelphia, but they can re-establish themselves as a legitimate contender in the AFC this Sunday night when the Patriots come strolling in for a national TV affair with John Harbaugh’s team.

The Ravens need a win.  I guess it would be better if the Browns were Sunday’s opponent, but that’s not the way the schedule makers saw week #3 playing out.  So here come the Patriots, armed with wonder-boy at quarterback, a beefed up pass-catching corps and, apparently, an improved defense.

The Ravens, as you know, are seeking to rebound from a horrible loss to the Eagles, where the defense caved in with under five minutes remaining and the offense couldn’t go fifty yards with two time-outs in their pocket in the game’s last 120 seconds.

It should be a helluva game.

And, as is always the case when the Ravens face a top opponent in Baltimore on national TV, Ray Lewis and the gang will be fired-freakin’-up.

I know you’re waiting – impatiently, by now – to see two things:  1) My pick for the game  2) Bill’s comment and attempted personal destruction of me and my character in the “comments section” below.

I’ll give you #1 right now.  I’m sure you’ll see #2 shortly.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Ravens aren’t winning Sunday night.

Everything sort-of points to Baltimore winning, actually.  They’re playing at home, where they haven’t lost since December of 2010, twelve games ago.  In other words, no matter who comes to town, the Ravens don’t lose at M&T Bank Stadium.  It would also make sense to assume the Ravens’ offense can’t sputter and spit like a ’73 Vega on Sunday night.  After all, they had a week to get a tune-up after last Sunday’s sub-par second half.  By now, Cam, Joe and the rest of the offense have it all figured out, right?

Yes, it makes sense to figure the Ravens are going to win.  As I noted above, they’ll be fired up beyond belief.  But “fired up” doesn’t really matter once the third quarter rolls around.  If Tiger Woods showed up to play me one-on-one at Mountain Branch, I’d be fired up for that.  I might make a birdie or two out of the gate.  But when the dust settled and we were shaking hands on the 18th green, he’d have a 63 on his scorecard and I’d have my tail between my legs.

Remember this before I tell you what’s going to happen on Sunday:  NO ONE, including you, knows what will transpire on Sunday night.  If you knew what was going to happen on Sunday night, you’d bet $100,000 on it and be a rich man.  So would I.

But I *think* the Ravens are losing on Sunday night for one simple reason — the Baltimore defense isn’t all that good and the great #12 and his merry cast of characters will expose that fact on Sunday.

Without the ability to chase the quarterback around, the Ravens can’t beat the Patriots.  In two games thus far, Baltimore’s pass rush has been relatively non-existent.  In pass coverage, the purple linebacking group can’t do squat.  And as long as Brady doesn’t do something dumb like try and pick on Lardarius Webb, he should have a field day exposing the dynamic duo of Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith on “the other side”.  I think New England will run the ball 24 times just to say they did it.  But they’ll throw it 40 times because they can.

I’m going to assume the Baltimore offense will bounce back on Sunday and have a decent night against the Patriots.  I know the final two minutes was ugly last week in Philly, but that was then, this is now.  At home, Joe Flacco and Company will bounce back.

But the Ravens defense won’t be able to handle New England’s offense for 60 minutes.


New England wins 24-20.

I sure hope I’m wrong.

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  1. bill Says:

    Figures you’d put a Tom Brady photo up there. You probably have posters of him up on your walls at home. Like New England, you’re a loser. Ravens win this one in a blow-out, 31-10 and prove that you’re a jerk who roots against the home teams just to do it. (DF: You’re dead wrong. I have ONE poster – not poster(s), plural – of Tom Brady on my wall at home. Jerk…)

  2. steve Says:

    What an ass!! Why don’t you ban him Drew?

  3. Chris Says:

    I agree. I think it plays out like last week. They’ll take a 10 point lead at the half and lose in the last 5 minutes of the game because the offense will forget what they did in the 1st half to be successful. I’ll be there cheering but tend to agree with your thought process on this one.

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    If the Ravens can get a pass rush on Brady and Joe puts up 21 they can win. If not long night. Don’t ban Bill he just proves what drugs do to you.

  5. tiggnutz Says:

    30-20 Ravens. Defense embarrassed after last week plays big this week.

  6. Eric Says:

    Spot on Drew. I don’t think the score will be that close though. New England 35, Baltimore 17.

  7. BudIce05 Says:

    Ravens will win if Flacco is on his game which at home he is Dan Marino-like at times. On the road against good teams he plays like Bill Troup (remember him old Colts fans?) as he did last week at The Linc (was at game,saw his pathetic play). Saying that I hope the Ravens kick Brady’s ass Sunday nite and send the chowderheads home with a loss. One last thing…How ’bout them EAGLES!!!

  8. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    They had better try to find a pass rush by sunday night or it’s going to be a long night. Brady, like the other Elite QB’S, can not have time to pick us apart…pressure,pressure,pressure. Use Ray Rice more,if the play calling is like it was in Philly, Cameron has to go.

  9. The Armchair QB Says:

    Actually, I believe the Ravens will win Sunday night because Cameron won’t be intimidated by crowd noise and will let Flacco run the “no huddle”, which he thrives in and which keeps the defense off balance. I do think, however, that it will be a high scoring “shootout” because neither of these teams have good defenses.

  10. tsnamm Says:

    I agree with your asessment of the Defense as well Drew…They took a pretty big hit in the offseason in losing so many D palyers to free agenct,losing the D Coordinator to Indy, and finally losing Sizzle to injury…the defense has been soft in both games, with turnovers stooping big drives against them. I hope I’m wrong also…and hope that NE’s D is suspect too, but if this becomes a shootout, I don’t think we’re winning either.

  11. Kelly Says:

    Gee Drew, thanks for the Friday afternoon buzzkill.

  12. notbill Says:

    Bill = Drew (DF: Now THAT would be funny!)

  13. Mike from Carney Says:

    I hope the Ravens will do another short tribute to the O’s. Get ’em fired up. I’m sure if it was at the Gillette, they would do the same for the Red Sox. (har-har-har)

  14. Over40Don Says:

    this could be a Blog conspiracy Bill = Drew?

    With proper coaching Ravens should have enough Ofense to win.

  15. Neil Says:

    Ravens D is vulnerable to the big and little plays. Watching the other top D’s in the league the CB are right up on them at the line of scrimmage. Our DB’s? The are giving them a ten yard grace period. On running plays the top D’s like SF have not one but seeming 2 defenders ready to tackle the ball carrier. Ravens? Forgetaboutit. We’ll bring ’em down after they pass the chains. Sorry to be so negative. I want to be positive, but our D either isn’t well coached, the scheme isn;t right but something is rotten, and it’s not Ngata or Lardarius. Offense – the simplest friggin pass – to the right or left Joe misses by a lot. PSSST. Hey Joe, if you do target Ray more this week, try and remind your throwing arm he isn’t 6’5″ tall. He can’t reach that ball you like to throw way over his head.

  16. PghSteve Says:

    Bit off topic, but Mike from Carney mentioned the Os. It was great to see the Orioles’ players at M&T 2 weeks ago. When will we see a similar gathering of Ravens at Camden Yards cheering on the Orioles? Tuesday evening against the Jays might be a good time. I am not a Ravens fan, but it would be cool to see a dozen or so Ravens in the stands (or a private box) supporting the Orioles.

  17. Robert Says:


    As you stated, no one but the good Lord knows the outcome of Sunday’s Ravens-Pats game. It would be especially sweet to my senses if the Ravens redeem themselves for both last week’s & last year’s meltdowns to the Eagles & Pats respectively. I would not place any bets on the Ravens making the playoffs this year as expecting to beat the odds 5 years in a row has to be long shot considering all the variables involved, e.g. injuries. Cheers.

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