If Harbaugh wants to get a real rise out of people, he should interview his Dad

January 17, 2014 | Drew Forrester

It dawned on me driving in to WNST this morning that I don’t have anything for you…in terms of Drew’s Morning Dish.


The Ravens interviewed someone yesterday for their Offensive Coordinator position but we don’t know who it was or how it went.  I’m guessing that happened, of course.  I don’t know for certain they interviewed someone, but I’m figuring they did, right?  John Harbaugh’s grandfather passed away earlier this week so there’s a chance he wasn’t available to interview anyone yesterday.

Speaking of the Harbaugh family, if John had any sense of humor at all, he would leak out to the media that he’s thinking about interviewing his Dad, Jack, for the vacant Offensive Coordinator position.  Harbaugh, of course, is accused by people who don’t know better that “all he does is hire his friends” — so what better way to have fun with those goofs than leaking out that he’s considering an interview for his father?  Hilarious…

The Orioles didn’t sign anyone of note yesterday.  Actually, they haven’t signed someone of note in years.  There’s a rumor floating around they’re trying to arm-twist right handed pitcher Bronson Arroyo into coming to Baltimore to finish up his career getting battered in the American League.  No offense to Arroyo at all – who, by the way, is one helluva guitar player and singer…don’t believe me?  Check out THIS VIDEO right here – because he’s been pretty decent in Cincinnati, but if Drew were providing him with career advice I’d tell him to stay in the National League.

Sidenote: Arroyo is the show’s Friday Featured Artist today.  At this point, he might be a better musician that pitcher.

If you’ve listened to the show this week, you already know what I think is going to happen on the football field this Sunday.

New England wins at Denver — 30-26

San Francisco wins at Seattle — 23-17

Have a great weekend!

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  1. BmoreB Says:

    Harbaugh could add that he’s also hiring his mom as the Team’s Culinary Coordinator.

    Pats 24 Denver 20 (I bet the money line) Go Team Hoody !
    Hawks 17 49’ers 13

  2. unitastoberry Says:


  3. lakerboy Says:

    I was actually hoping that we would get Norv Turner as the Ravens new OC. But I guess at this juncture it’s a fait accompli that he’s headed to Minnesota. Norv’s a lousy head coach, but he’s been a stellar assistant over the years. I believe he’s been an OC for six different NFL teams, so he has the experience and pedigree. I’m really hoping that we don’t hire Gary Kubiak. Kubiak teaming up with Juan Castillo would mean that we’ve bought into the zone blocking scheme hook, line and sinker. If the zone blocking scheme didn’t work with Castillo, and our current personnel this past season, why should we double down at this point with Kubiak? I also hope that we don’t promote from within. That would mean not considering Jim Hostler for the job. The Ravens need some fresh faces scrutinizing their moribund offense. This is an important hire. I hope the organization gets it right. I

  4. Carl Says:

    I’d like them to try something really different like hire Mike Leach or the guy at Baylor who routinely racks up more total offense than any team in the country.
    Hiring an old worn out loser like Norv Turner is not the answer.

  5. lakerboy Says:

    Carl: Norv had some oustanding years in Dallas 1991-1993, when he coached Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith. In 1992 and 1993 the Cowboys won Super Bowls under Norv, as OC. Also, Norv coud have brought his current knowledge of the AFC North, having been the Browns OC this past season.

  6. tsnamm Says:

    Hey Drew, Arroyo was pretty good when he was with the Bosox, but I agree with you, if I were him I’d stay in the NL rather than getting his ERA thru the roof in the AL East. BTW his covers were excellent! I really dug his cover of the Foo Fighters!

  7. OVER40DON Says:

    Hey Drew! Did you ever start with the guitar? Just curious.

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