“If this, If that, if, if, if”…Steelers fans are a funny bunch

October 04, 2010 | Drew Forrester

This is what you’re hearing today from fans of The Black and Gold:

“We would have won the game if Ben would have played.”

Breaking news:  That’s right.  You might very well have.

More breaking news:  You didn’t have him.  He wasn’t available to play.

Just like the Packers MIGHT have won last Monday night if Ryan Grant could have played.  But he couldn’t.  He’s out for the year.

The Steelers and their band of “misremembering” (it’s a word, just ask Roger Clemens) supporters must not recall that last spring, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his decision to suspend Big Ben for the first 6 games of the season.  By virtue of Ben’s good behavior, that number was reduced to 4.

But EVERYONE in the country knew Roethlisberger wasn’t going to play in yesterday’s game when training camp opened in late July.

Saying, “well, if we would have had Ben, we might have won” is just stupid.

You were NEVER going to have him.

Just like the Packers weren’t going to have Ryan Grant last Monday after they placed him on IR following Green Bay’s first game.

And, yes, I realize Ed Reed didn’t play for the Ravens and it’s easy for Ravens fans to try and use Reed’s absence as a balancing-retort to the “if Big Ben would have played” comments, but here’s my advice to Ravens fans:  Do not get drawn in.

First off, in fairness, Roethlisberger is FAR, FAR more important to Pittsburgh than Reed is to Baltimore and the drop off from Ben to Batch is MUCH greater than Reed to Zibby or Reed to Haruki.

It just is.

Ben touches the ball 70 times a game.  Reed might go an entire game and NEVER touch it.

But that’s neither here nor there, because both players were not available on Sunday.

In Baltimore, we should just be enjoying the day – rainy and all – and ignore the wisdom from the folks in Western PA (and North Harford County) who somehow want to soft-peddle the fact that the Ravens went into Heinz Field and won.

“We would have won if Roethlisberger would have played.”

Yep.  Maybe you would have.

Maybe you wouldn’t have.

There’s no script for that because he wasn’t eligible to play.

The better team won on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

That’s a fact.

There’s a lot of football left in 2010 and another Baltimore-Pittsburgh showdown to come, and as we all know here in Charm City, Ben and the Steelers are capable of winning at M&T Bank Stadium.

They’ve done it before.

Until yesterday, Joe Flacco hadn’t done it in Pittsburgh.

Now that he has, let’s just enjoy that and stop the back-and-forth jabbing with those nut jobs who want to play the “if game”.

Breaking news:  If I looked like Matt Damon back in high school, things would have been a lot different.

I didn’t.

They weren’t.

Enough with the “if” game.

The Ravens beat the team that lined up against them on Sunday.

Had they lost to Charlie-Friggin’-Batch – which nearly happened – all we would have heard all day would have been “yinz can’t even beat Char-wee Batch”.

A win is a win, bro.

If they line up the Little Sisters of The Poor this Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens better b-slap them too.