In Ozzie I Trust

March 25, 2013 | Marty Mossa

This blog will be short and to the point. I trust Ozzie Newsome and his band of merry men to take this gutted Super Bowl Champ team and turn it into a winner. I guess this is the price of success in the modern NFL; you win a world title and everyone wants your guys. Of all the players that left, I think Bolden will leave the biggest void. God bless you Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard but I have no patience for people who lead mutinies.

I jokingly tell people that if somehow the 2013 Baltimore Ravens make the playoffs; John Harbaugh will be the first ever post Super Bowl winning coach to get “coach of the year.” I hesitate to criticize Ozzie for all he has done in his 17 year tenure is bringing winning football to Baltimore.

Even if the Ravens have a hiccup this year and fall on their collective faces, Ozzie deserves one bad year.

Case & Point:
17 Seasons:
9 Postseason Appearances
4 AFC North Titles
4 AFC Title Games
2 AFC Championships
2 Super Bowl Championships

150-121-1 .595 Winning %

ENOUGH SAID: Ozzie I trust you!!!!