Individual awards mean nothing,Reed in cafeteria, and other notes from Ravens facility

January 06, 2009 |

Ray Lewis was asked today about guys on his team maybe getting snubbed for individual awards, but still playing for the ultimate team award,”everybody plays this game for one reason and that is to one day touch that Lombardi trophy.No matter who got snubbed, if you are still playing in the playoffs,every person that has an MVP honor would definitely trade that in to be in the position that we are in now.Nobody, plays the game for those type of awards,you play the game for that trophy.”

“It hurt worse than Super Bowl loss”

Those were the words from Samari Rolle when he was asked about the playoff loss to the Ravens when he was a member of the Titans in 2000. Rolle said the loss was bad because they knew whoever won that game was going to probably win the Super Bowl. That is a bold statement coming from a guy who was 1yd away from being on a team that would have tied the game and forced overtime or won it on a two-point conversion.

Not to much to do with the past

A lot of the questions today asked to Ray Lewis, Derrick Mason, and Samari Rolle, was about when the Ravens and Titans meet in the playoffs in 2000.Ray Lewis said he can not stay stuck in 2000, ” I do not know who is stuck back there. I can’t be, and definitely this team can not be.”

Could it be destiny ?

Samari Rolle was asked if he found it ironic that the team will have to go through the Titans to get to the Super Bowl ? Rolle had a brief response, “destiny I believe.”

Going back to Nashville no big deal

For Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle, they both said going to play the Titans in Nashville is not that big of a deal for them. They both said they are removed several years from their time there and that it  will not be anything emotional about going back.

Flacco admits mistakes

Back in week 4 of the NFL season, Joe Flacco threw to two interceptions in the Titans game while trying to complete passes down the sideline. Today, Flacco admitted “I do not know what I was thinking. Just bone headed throws, I kind of gave them one real easy.” Flacco did however admit that he learned from those mistakes, “there is just times when you have to throw the ball out of bounds and live for the next down.”

Zibby to see more returns ?

Coach Harbaugh was asked today what he likes about Tom Zbikowski and what he has brought to the kick return game,”He has secured the football, he has taken it north and south, he has a record in college of being a good returner.We are hopeful we can make some plays with him in the kick return game.”

Suggs says rough passing call not the reason for the loss

It is a call a lot of Ravens fans will not forget. Terrell Suggs being called for roughing the passer when he hit Kerry Collins late in the fourth quarter with the Ravens leading 10-6. Suggs explained today that the game was not lost on that one play, “the game was not lost on that one play,could it have ended the game ? Yea, but they still sustained a drive. There was still plays that we could have could have got off of the field,and we didn’t.” On that 80 yard drive, Collins would find Alge Crumpler in the end zone with 1:56 left to go in the game for a 11yard td pass to win the game.

No award is no problem for Reed

With James Harrison winning defensive player of the year, people assume that Ed Reed would be upset about not winning that award. However, Reed says it is no disappointment,”no, there is no disappointment because there are a lot of great players in this league. You just play the game, you have fun, you enjoy playing it,you can not worry about all the accolades and the trophies. If you want a trophy, there is a trophy store down the street, you can go buy one.”

Collins lets the cat out of the bag ?

During Kerry Collins conference call with the media today, I asked Kerry what it has meant to him and the Titans offensive line to have a veteran guy like Kevin Mawae around. During his answer, he might have let some injury news slip out about their center who has been bothered with a right elbow injury since late December,”I wish he was out there with us this weekend, but I think Leroy Harris is stepping in and will do a good job.”

Leroy Harris is a guard/center from North Carolina State who was drafted in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL draft. He has played mostly special teams for the Titans this season except for when he filled in late in the fourth quarter  for Mawae in the Titans 47-10 win over the Lions. He also filled in the fourth quarter of the 12/21 match up with the Steelers after Mawae left the game with an elbow injury. He got his first start in the NFL when he started the last week of the season against the Colts.

Reed covers the cafeteria

'Here come the Ravens. The team you don't want to see.'</b><br> <br> The Ravens' forced five turnovers (four interceptions and one touchdown) and routed the Miami Dolphins, 27-9, earning their first playoff win since January 2002. Ed Reed returned a second-quarter interception 64 yards for a touchdown and Joe Flacco became the first rookie quarterback to win his first playoff game on the road since the 1970 merger. With the victory, the Ravens advanced to the AFC divisional round and will play at the top-seeded Tennessee Titans on Saturday.

This picture is hanging up in the window the of the Ravens cafeteria with the words highlighted and circled.