Injured McClain hopes to help teammates however he can in Super Bowl

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on what he thinks about the experience of Super Bowl Media Day) “It’s a great experience. It’s a great opportunity for everybody to be out here and have some fun and finally ask the reporters some questions or do something out of the ordinary, so it’s a great experience.”


(on the disappointment of being on injured reserve and the way the team supports players when they are injured) “Exactly. We want the team to be a family, and when one of your brothers is hurt, or one of your brothers is down, you pick each other up. That’s how it’s been all year. We always had somebody down or somebody hurt at some point, we did all we could do to support each other and keep challenging.”


(on how helpful or encouraging it is to have support from teammates when you know you are not going to be playing Sunday) “It’s definitely helpful to the extent where we can rely on each other, but more important, I mean, unfortunately, I’m not playing but I’m able to show them something that they might not see while I’m standing there because I’ll be (mentally) in the game. I’m studying like I’m playing, you know, so we’re all on the same page: me, Ray (Lewis), Dannell (Ellerbe), Albert (McClellan), Josh (Bynes), (Terrell Suggs), everybody, we’re all making sure we’re on the same page.”


(on what players who have experienced a Super Bowl told those who haven’t) “Just enjoy it, embrace it. It’s a memory that you’re not going to be able to forget. This is the only Super Bowl that I’ve ever been to and it might be the last, but I hope it’s not, but we’re going to embrace it like that.”


(on bringing his personal digital camera to Media Day) “I actually bought this camera two-to-three months ago and literally it’s the first time I’ve taken a picture with it. Everybody that takes a picture of me, I’m taking a picture of them.”


(on what he thinks about the matchup of siblings between Baltimore coach John Harbaugh and San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh) “I have brothers, and we have sibling rivalries, so I know what that’s like, but what’s so beautiful about it is it’s just a game for us. It’s one of the biggest games that we’ll ever play in, but it’s a game, and Coach (John) Harbaugh is not making it brother versus brother. You know, we’re not making this Ray Lewis’ last ride. We’re making it the Super Bowl. It may be the last Super Bowl that all of us play in, so we just want to play it like that.”


(on the chemistry between the Ravens linebackers) “It’s a unique unit. It’s definitely a unique unit from every other year that we’ve always had because we always grew together, and we lost some of our guys, so to be where we’re at, and how we are, and how we communicate with each other, it’s amazing, but more important, it’s not about Ray Lewis, you know, Ray Lewisset the tone for us on how to conduct ourselves and how we’re going to operate and the message that we’re going to send. It’s a great unit.”