Is Foxworth REALLY a $27.2 million dollar player?

February 27, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I was going to put a golf club in Little Ethan’s hands when he turns 2 in August, but I think I better get him some kiddie shoulder pads and cleats.

Domonique Foxworth signed a $27.2 million dollar deal with the Ravens today, including $16.5 million in guaranteed monies.  It’s a 4-year contract for Foxworth, who spent three years in Denver and one in Atlanta before joining the Ravens today.

I think Foxworth is a good player and all.  He’s an upgrade on Corey Ivy and, at 25, has the bulk of his NFL career in front of him.

Today, though, Domonique Foxworth cashed in.

Here’s a piece written on July 22, 2005 that reveals the details of Foxworth’s first NFL contract. He was a 3rd round draft pick in Denver and received a $430,000 signing bonus.  After three seasons in Denver, they shipped him to Atlanta in exchange for a 7th round draft pick.  Last year, in 2008, Foxworth made $927,000. He became the team’s starting cornerback in mid-season and helped the Falcons to the playoffs under first year coach Mike Smith.

To sum it up:  Foxworth was a 3rd round draft pick in 2005.  He was essentially a back-up in Denver.  He went to Atlanta and, by mid-season, earned a starter’s role.  He made $927k last season.

Today, in Baltimore, he signed a deal GUARANTEEING him $16.5 million…and it could stretch out to a $27.2 million windfall if he stays in purple for four years.

Anyone else confused?

The signing bonus hasn’t been revealed yet, but I’m betting it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 million…leaving $19 million over four years.  It’s probably back-loaded – as most deals are – to include a large portion of that $19MM over the last two years.  Still, he’ll get a hefty signing bonus today and at some point he’ll collect a total of $16.5 million in guaranteed monies no matter how well he performs.

I just read the numbers again.

I’m still confused.

How did Foxworth go from a $927,000 player to a guy guaranteed to be a $16.5 million player when he wasn’t even a starter throughout 2008?  Or, throughout his career, for that matter?

I realize the Ravens are zapped in the secondary and this Foxworth signing probably spells the beginning of the end for Samari Rolle ($4.1 million).

I hope he works out in Baltimore and all…and I’m not trying to spoil his signing-day parade.

I’m just perplexed at how the Ravens determined his value at $27.2 million, that’s all.