Ravens – Dolphins: 27-9, get on the bus to Nashville

January 04, 2009 |

One down three more to go for the Ravens. You can help root the Ravens on in Nashville by getting on the WNST bus to Nashville.

Cam Cameron goes into Miami twice and beats the Dolphins. I was just listening to a Miami radio station and they asked how come he could only win one game with them, but two against them.

The Ravens will travel to Nashville to face the Titans for a shot to go to the AFC Championship game.

Yet again, Flacco’s numbers do not jump off the charts at you (9-23, 135) , but as I say all the time, he makes 4 or 5 throws a game that have a huge factor in the game.

3:45 – When the Ravens needed a score to finish the game, Joe Flacco took it on himself to finish the Dolphins off with a 5yd touchdown run. What a great job of blocking by Chris Chester and Willie Anderson to seal the open lane for Flacco to score.

Flacco becomes only the third rookie quarterback to win his postseason debut. He joins Shaun King and Ben Roethlisberger.

So while Mike Smith and Matt Ryan will enjoy their awards they won, John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco will now march the Ravens into round two of the NFL playoffs

3:36 – Once again the Dolphins had a nice drive going, only to see it go south real quick as the hand off exchange on the end around from Chad Pennington to Tedd Ginn Jr., was botched and resulted in a  huge loss.

Then on the punt to Jim Leonhard which he fair caught at the 14, the Dolphins get flagged for fair catch interference.

Ravens need to put together one of those long drives to seal the deal.

3:28 – Although the Dolphins still have a pretty tall task to come back from 11 points down to tie the Ravens, their defense did a nice job on that stop and getting the offense the ball back. The Ravens defense has to step up and make a stop to get the ball back for their offense.

Will have to see if Ed Reed is back out on the field on defense…….and he is

3:21 – The Dolphins get back on the scoreboard with a 2yd touchdown pass from Chad Pennington to Ronnie Brown. The drive was helped out by some penalties on the Ravens and probably more importantly by not having Ed Reed on the field. That is why you saw Haruki Nakamura and Tom Zbikowski out on the field.

Huge play by Frank Walker on the blocked extra point. That take a little bit of the momentum away from the Dolphins.

Ravens put points on the board here and that will take the last bit of air out of the Dolphins balloon.

3:09 – Ed Reed comes to the rescue again for the Ravens to stop what was looking like a very promising drive by the Dolphins. Reed did look to come up limping after the play. Will be interesting to see if he comes back into the game.

Although I would never bet against Reed. He has proven people wrong time after time.

3:12 – Ravens punt the ball back to the Dolphins. Hey let’s say we see another turnover. Why not let Chad throw 5 picks in one day when he only threw 7 all season.

2:56 – Well I could have saved myself ten seconds if I wanted to, because minutes are posting my last entry, LeRon “Bringing the Pain” McClain, goes in from 8 yards out.

I am not saying to turn the lights out the party is over, but whoever is in charge of turning out the lights might want to get up and start heading for the light switch.

I smell another turnover coming here for the Dolphins

2:55 The Ravens defense has done it again. They have forced the fourth turnover of the day and now I honestly believe can start to drive the dagger into the heart of the Dolphins with a score here, and not just a field goal, you have to come away with seven on this drive

2:44 – For the third time today, Chad Pennington has been intercepted. He was only picked off 7 times during the regular season. The Ravens are getting after Chad Pennington and putting the pressure on him forcing the interceptions.

The Ravens have to take advantage of these turnovers and turn them into points. The Ravens are beating the Dolphins in every aspect of this game and have to put them away.

Sam Koch has been amazing for this team. Yet again he comes through for the defense and will pin the Dolphins down inside the one.

2:25- The Ravens tack on 3 more points on a Matt Stover 31 yard field goal to extend it to a 13-3 lead. A touchdown might have been a dagger to the Dolphins, but they are still in the game. That drive was kept alive by a huge Derrick Mason toe tapping reception.

The Ravens will have to keep the intensity up in the second half. Chad Pennington has taken a beating so far and has to be rattled a little bit.

30 minutes down, 30 more to go.

2:08 – Ed Reed just proved why he might be the Defensive Player of the Year in the NFL this year as he just picked off a Chad Pennington pass and returned it 64 yards for a touchdown.

I am not sure who Haloti Ngata hit on that return, but someone might want to check the Dolphins parking lot to find that player.


2:01 – For the life of me I do not understand that Troy Smith play on 3rd down.  The Ravens can not afford to let this team hang around. They have had several chances and not added any points on the board.

This is when teams some times strike for points against the Ravens.

1:54 – 9:11 left to go before the half, and Jim Leonhard picks off a Chad Pennington pass. In Week 7 it was 8:44 left before half when Terrell Suggs picked off Chad Pennington.

Pennington is taking some serious hits, they are bound to take a toll before to long.

1:40 – Ravens and Dolphins wrap up the first half tied at 3. The offensive line has done a nice job of protecting Flacco today. Flacco converts on a huge 3rd down completion to Derrick Mason.

1:26 – Ravens have tied it up with a 23yd FG from Matt Stover. Dolphins might have gotten away with a pass interference call on the pass to Todd Heap.  Nice response by the Ravens after the Dolphins score.

This was the exact way the first time these two teams played started out. Dolphins kicked a field goal than the Ravens responded with a field goal. Just for you know what’s the Ravens took the lead a Terrell Suggs interception returned for a touchdown .

1:15 Dolphins take a Ravens turnover and turn it into points. Solid defensive stand by the Ravens on the goal line, and smart move by Dolphins to take the 3 points. Points might be hard to come by today and you can not look back and wonder what if had you not take the 3.


12:55 The AP has named their coach of the year in the NFL, and it is Mike Smith of the Flacons. John Harbaugh much like Joe Flacco in the rookie voting, did not recieve any votes


After watching some exciting football games yesterday, it is now time for the Ravens to try and take their next step into the playoffs. I will periodically update this blog, must likely at the end of each half.

The CBS pregame show, it was a clean sweep for the Ravens with predictions except for Bill Cowher who picked the Dolphins based on a rookie quarterback playing in the playoffs.

I say Ravens 23-13 today. I am also listening to 790 in Miami to listen to their point of view on the game today.

Well like they say, it is game time.