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December 30, 2011 | Thyrl Nelson

Tell Me He Won’t But Don’t Tell Me He Can’t

I could say that all of the 27 current starting quarterbacks in the NFL without rings will never get one, and I’ll be right on most of those predictions. That doesn’t make me smart. As pointed out above, quarterbacks and their teams develop at varying rates and under varying circumstances (Kurt Warner anyone?). You can tell me that any quarterback you want won’t win it all and I’ll be hard pressed to disagree. If you tell me though that any 4th year QB can’t win it all, I’d be hard pressed to accept that. All things are subject to change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.



Cam Deserves a Plaque Not a Hot Seat

Cam Cameron should be recognized, first and foremost for his patience in the face of criticism on all fronts, from ownership to fans to the locker room and even the head coach, Cameron has been given anything but his fair share of credit for the Ravens’ achievements during his tenure. Nor has he pointed any fingers or offered any excuses…so I will.


2008 – Offensive Line: Gaither (LT), Grubbs (LG), Brown (C), Chester/Yanda (RG), Terry (RT) with Anderson taking up a TE spot providing extra protection for a rookie QB.


Running Game: McClain & McGahee mostly


Receiving Corps: Heap (mostly blocking), Mason, Clayton, D.Williams



2009 – Offensive Line: Gaither (LT), Grubbs (LG), Birk (C), Chester/Yanda (RG), Oher (RT)


Running Game: Emergence of Rice with McGahee, McClain back to FB


Receiving Corps: Heap (now catching more), Mason, Clayton, K. Washington



2010 – Offensive Line: Oher (LT), Grubbs (LG), Birk (C), Chester (RG), Yanda (RT)


Running Game: Rice and McGahee with McClain at FB


Receiving Corps: Heap, Mason, Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, Stallworth, and rookie TE’s Dickson and Pitta.