It’s going to be close,and other notes from 1 Winning Drive

January 12, 2009 |

– That is how Coach Harbaugh described Terrell Suggs and his shoulder injury. Coach Harbaugh pointed out that Suggs had an MRI today, and said “I am not going to stand up here and say it is positive and we are happy about it.Just going to have to see how it goes, it is going to be close.”

They respect us and we respect them

– The Ravens know what type of game they are going to see when they play the Steelers on Sunday. A couple of the Ravens players today said that they think it is only fitting that it comes down to these two teams playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

Rex Ryan impresses Jets

– Rex Ryan interviewed with the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams on Sunday here in Baltimore. The owner and general manager of the Jets came to Baltimore to meet with Rex, and word out of New York is that he is believed to be the front runner to become their head coach. The Jets can not hire Ryan until the Ravens are done with the playoffs. If the Jets do not interview any more coaches or make any announcement, it is believed that they are waiting on Ryan.

Coach Harbaugh said that he has no concerns about Rex Ryan’s focus this week with talk of him becoming a head coach  while they prepare for the Steelers.

It’s just a football game

With all the media attention that will be here at 1 Winning Drive this week, including about 20 media members here for a Monday press conference, Coach Harbaugh said they will embrace the attention, but points out that they are a mature team and can handle it. He also was quick to point out that it is still just another football game.

Who would you rather it be ?

That is the question Bart Scott posed today while meeting with the media. Scott pointed out that this is another opportunity for one of these organizations to build up the hatred for the other. Scott summed up Sunday’s match up versus the Steelers pretty bluntly,”somebody is going to be happy, and somebody is going to be hurt.”

One oppurtunity

While the Ravens mindset is that it is just another game, Bart Scott said today that it is an opportunity to get somewhere he has been dreaming of ever since he was a little kid, and that is a Super Bowl.

Have to come to play for 60 minutes

Jim Leonhard said that is what he has learned about the rivalry between the Steelers and Ravens. Leonhard said you know what you are going to get in these games,”they are physical games,there is a lot of talking and other things going on. You just know that you have to come to work for 60 minutes that day or you are going to get it handed to you.”

What’s our name ?

Derrick Mason explained some of the reason behind the slogan that the Ravens have used during this playoff run. Mason pointed out that they want to make sure that everybody knows who they are playing,”this team you are about to fight, you might not want a piece of.”

Cotto – Margarito

Being the boxing enthusiast that Bart Scott is, this is the fight that Scott used to reference the Ravens and Steelers playing one another,”you got two guys, and no one is running,ducking, or hiding from each other. We are going to stand in the middle of the ring and say I am, and we will see who comes out on top.”