I’ve Found An Expert Opinion …..

January 05, 2009 |

Do you recall the famed line “When E.F. Hutton Talks, People Listen” …..

Well, I’ve found a modern-day version of this reliable motto.  And, the substance of the statement is exactly what everyone in Baltimore wants to hear.  Unless you’re living under the Hanover Street bridge, or Star Trek – and not sports – is your bag, you’re wishing for one more Christmas gift, right?

To be specific, where do you want that Post-Christmas goodie delivered ???  How about your living room ???  Better yet, your driveway ???  Or, are you bluntly looking for your final and most coveted of presents to be delivered in Nashville, on Saturday ???  I think we all know that answer ….

If you’re searching for that optimistic source of hope, than look no further than to one of music’s most controversial and popular artists.  Yep, according to rapper “Lil Wayne”, the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl.  In his latest blog (ESPN.com), Wayne has boldly predicted that “thanks to a dominating defense” the Ravens will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy, in Tampa.

The good news is Wayne appears to be one of this era’s luckiest souls, and anything he touches seems to turn out RIGHT.  On the other hand, his claim to fame is songs about sexual gratification and “Lollipops,” as well as mimicking police cars.

Oh, it gets better ….. although, the New Orleans resdent is not a Ravens fan, he does maintain a true hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  And, he thinks PacMan Jones should be kicked out of football.  Wow …..

I can’t say I’m a big rap or hip-hop fan.  But, I’m certainly hoping Lil Wayne’s predictions are as bold as his record sales …..

Note To Drew Forrester/Bob Haynie/Rob Long – I believe Lil Wayne has earned some play on the bumper music selections, this week …..