J. Jones enjoying mom’s cooking in hometown

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on his tattoos) “All of them mean something to me, something I’ve been through in life. I have a lot of scriptures on me and things from where I’m from.”


(on being a role model) “You got to watch what you do and say around kids sometimes. I try to show them how to work and have determination to take them where they want to go in life.”


(on Ray Lewis) “When Ray Lewis announced his retirement, we all came together. We’re going to make sure we send him out with a victory.”


(on his speed) “When I was born, I was fast. I think I ran before I walked.”


(on playing in New Orleans) “I’m from here, so it’s cool to play in my city. My mom has been feeding the team. I think she brought in like 150 plates to everybody.”