J. Jones hoping to set early tone in Super Bowl XLVII

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff


 (on if he has to pinch himself when he thinks about where he is now and how things ended during his time with the Houston Texans) “I wouldn’t say pinch. It’s just a goal. I worked hard for it – well, we worked hard to get here, and everything happens for a reason. It just so happens that I ended up in a great place.


(on how he would describe his time in Houston) “It was great. They gave me an opportunity to play in the League coming from a small school called Lane College. They gave me an opportunity. Coach (Gary) Kubiak is a great coach and he and Coach (Larry) Kirksey (inaudible), and I appreciate them helping me become a man as well. Everything happens for a reason.”


(on how much fun it is to be playing in the Super Bowl in his hometown) “The fun part is playing in the Super Bowl, period. A lot of great players and Hall of Famers haven’t made it to the Super Bowl. But just playing in New Orleans, that puts the icing on the cake.”


(on how Jim Caldwell’s promotion to offensive coordinator has helped the offense) “He’s a very diverse guy. He’s a very intelligent guy. He speaks scriptures to us from all different kinds of cultures and different people. Put it like this, Joe (Flacco) is in the driver’s seat, he gives Joe the keys, he helps us out in situations and puts us in the right place, and we’ve got to go out and make the plays. We’ve got to be men.”


(on if he recalls Devin Hester’s opening kickoff return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLI, and if the same feat crossed his mind) “Hundreds of times. On returns that go for a touchdown, they happen when you least expect it. In games like this we just want to work for good drive starts and field position. So if one pops open, that’s a blessing.”


(on where he was when he saw Hester’s return) “I was in Indianapolis training for the combine at Saint Vincent’s. I sat there and watched that kid take off and I said, ‘Man there he goes. D. Hester. Bad boy.’”


(on if he models himself after any particular return specialists) “My idol is Primetime (Deion Sanders). I grew up watching him as a kid. It was him and Peter Warrick. When I watched the way they returned kicks and punts, I kind of put my game with their moves too and put it all together.”