Jets lesson in all of this? Don’t employ an amateur

October 12, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Sterger, in case you don’t know, was a former Florida State student who made a name for herself initially by getting gussied up at FSU football games, wearing outfits that showcased her body, and, eventually, posing for Playboy.

That led her to be hired by the New York Jets in 2008 to serve as the team’s “Game Day Reporter”, where she would routinely interview fans, players, coaches, etc. for video snippets on the team’s scoreboard and in-stadium pre-game TV coverage.

Most teams would employ a local broadcast professional for those duties.  Most teams.

The Jets, however, hired the girl with the big cans.

They hired an amateur.

And when Favre *apparently* made his unwelcomed advances, Sterger reacted by doing one of three things:  A)  She consented and wound up meeting him (who knows?  no one is talking).  B) She ignored him and simply said to herself, “silly boys…always after the girl with the hot body” (who knows?  no one is talking).  C) She brought it up to the Jets and they ignored it (who knows?  no one is talking).