Jets lesson in all of this? Don’t employ an amateur

October 12, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Favre was wrong for pursuing her, although there remains the possibility that it turned out to be nothing more than a cutesy text-affair where they both wound up enjoying the moment(s).  Neither of them are willing to comment on it at this point, mainly out of embarrassment, I assume.

This much is definite:  The Jets hired her for the wrong reasons.  Both of them, if you get my drift.

And when you put someone in a position to be exposed as an amateur in a professional setting, you can’t be shocked when it all turns out that way.

Jenn Sterger posed for Playboy.  I assume that makes her a professional model.

She evidently liked to wear provocative clothing at college football games and that, in turn, earned her national recognition on the internet as a “Florida State cowgirl”.  I guess that made her a professional flirt, of sorts.

One thing she wasn’t:  A professional reporter, broadcaster or whatever other fancy title you want to give her for her duties with the Jets.

She was a girl with a great body who was hired to keep football fans entertained.

Nothing more.

And she wasn’t equipped to handle the issue of dealing with an unprofessional situation.  Upon receiving that first phone call from Favre – if, indeed, it was unsolicited – Sterger should have immediately contacted the Jets and had them put an end to it.  If it happened again, she should have contacted the NFL and made them aware of it, noting that she first went to the Jets without any resolution.

A female professional would have dealt with it in a variety of ways…ignoring it would have likely NOT been one of those ways.  Jenn Sterger didn’t know how to handle the Favre situation.  Or, perhaps, she simply decided not to worry about it.  Either way, she didn’t deal with it at the time it took place.

That makes some of what has NOW transpired – the aftermath of a story two-years later – her fault.

A lot of it is Brett Favre’s fault, because he made it uncomfortable for her in the first place.

But mainly, it’s on the shoulders of the New York Jets.

They hired an amateur.

And they should have known better.