Just like a marriage…

August 29, 2008 | Drew Forrester

…Joe Flacco and the Ravens have exchanged vows and are ready to start the honeymoon.

It begins on September 7.

On the basis of, a) not getting hurt – and, b) not turning the ball over in the last two games – and, c) earning the trust of his teammates – Flacco will likely start the opener next Sunday against the Bengals.

And he should start.

Of course, the Ravens’ options are somewhat limited, with Kyle Boller limited to throwing left handed and Troy Smith limited to sipping electrolytes through a straw.

Yes, Flacco gets the start by default.

But, it’s not like he’s been a stiff, either. He’s done nothing to make anyone say, “that kid can’t play…”

Again last night, he made some nice throws, changed a few plays at the line scrimmage and, generally, doesn’t look like a guy who’s in the first month of his NFL career.

Like I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks now, Flacco is offering just as much as Boller or Smith at this point, so why not start him?

It might get ugly. In fact, it probably will at some point. Rookie quarterbacks rarely, if ever, step in and dominate the league right away.

Don’t expect Joe Flacco to dominate right away.

Like a marriage, Ravens fans should be willing to take Flacco “for better or worse” in 2008.

But there WILL be high points with Joe Flacco and I’d bet the “better” outranks the “worse” by the time the season concludes.

Finally, after six years, we can stop spending money on divorce lawyers and celebrate a union that appears to be strong.