Kyle Boller’s status

August 27, 2008 |

So, Ozzie Newsome says that Kyle Boller could play again this year, which for the Ravens would be a good thing. I however still wonder if we will see Kyle this year. While Kyle may not need surgery right now, you have to wonder how healthy he will be for the rest of the season. Ozzie did also say “things could change”, which if I am guessing is the more likely scenario. I still think we will see a quarterback coming in at some point and time over the next couple of days just as an insurance policy with the uncertainty of Boller’s shoulder.
So, now as the Kyle Boller situation start to play out and we get some news as it relates to him, I am still way more interested in the Ed Reed situation. Again, I have said all along that I do not think Ed will be ready to start the season. How long he is going to be out, I think is still up in the air, but hopefully we will find out more next week. Ed is still the one injury that I think this team can really not afford to have.
One think you can say about football under Coach Harbaugh’s watch, is that it has been very interesting to say the least.