Last day of Ravens locker room

January 19, 2009 |

While the mood this afternoon in the Ravens locker room was a little somber as they packed up their belongings to get ready for the off season, there was optimism for next year.

Here are some notes from the Ravens lockerroom this afternoon:

-Willis McGahee was in the locker room and showing no ill effects of his tremendous hit he took in last nights game. McGahee said he would not comment on if he felt like it was a dirty hit or not, because he did not see the hit coming. McGahee said that he did lose consciousness but had feeling in his arms and legs a few minutes later. Willis did say he is just real sore, but does think he will be ready to join the team in the off season.

-Dawan Landry was in the locker room and said he is on target to be ready to for off season work outs.

– Rex Ryan was a huge topic among the defensive players today. Most of them knew last night after the game that Rex would be leaving to go to the Jets, and while they are sad to see him go, they are excited for him and the chance he will have. A couple of the players that are free agents said they would love to play for Ryan if that played out. 

-Derrick Mason said he was disappointed last night and this morning, but felt better after going out and playing with his kids in the snow today. Mason said the guy he is most disappointed for is Joe Flacco, and the fact that they were not able to get a trip to the Super Bowl for Flacco as a rookie.

– Several of the players spoke of how Coach Harbaugh’s message to the team was already one of looking forward to next season and how they will approach things.