Let’s cut Heap and the anthem singer…

September 08, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Hour number one of today’s Comcast Morning Show was interesting.

I had two phone calls urging the Ravens to…cut Todd Heap.

“Let’s go ahead and part company with Heap…he doesn’t have it anymore.”

Are you friggin’ serious?

“Heap’s always hurt. He never plays a full season.”


In his 7 seasons in the NFL, Heap has played all 16 games on four occasions.  Is he nicked up a lot?  Sure.  If you got pounded the way he’s been pounded since 2001, you might be nicked up too. 

Look, Heap – by his own admission – didn’t have a great game on Sunday vs. the Bengals. He had an early fumble and a drop that would have been a TD…those are very unlike-Heap occurrences.  In his career, Heap has a grand total of — 6 fumbles.  He probably has fewer end zone drops than 6 in his career, but that stat isn’t available. 

Someone else called in today and wanted to cut Heap AND the national anthem singer.

The Ravens just won their season opener. Their #1 draft pick outplayed his veteran QB counterpart and former Heisman Trophy winner. Two players (Reed and CMac) who were questionable both played and made game changing plays.

And this cat calls in and says, “Cut Heap and fire the national anthem singer…”

Maybe Aubrey Huff was right.